Venezuela Is Adopting Dash At An Exponential Pace Fueled By Dash Venezuela Outreach Programs.

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Dash Caracas project funded by the Dash DAO one year ago has now grown into Dash Venezuela with over 20 outreach teams across Venezuela. Venezuela is currently experiencing hyper inflation at one million percent de-valuation per year.

Transactions are instant, secure, private, sub-penny fee and user friendly. Dash Venezuela teams are doing an impressive job on boarding new users with multi-tiered support systems.

New Dash Merchants are signing up around 25 per day.


The Dash Venezuela Conferences with Dash City have nearly 1000 new attendees each time.

Dash Help Center in Venezuela. Just call number with questions (funded by Dash DAO)


Major mass marking campaigns in Venezuela


New partnership with Crypto Mobile allows ~$60 smart phones to come with pre-installed Dash eco-system and ~$25 of free Dash to get started. With nearly 2,000 Merchants accepting by end of September it's no problem to find somewhere to spend. Now business salaries can be paid in Dash, which closes the value loop.

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 12.30.24 PM.png

Venezuela on track to become the first Crypto nation.

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Very interesting. It might help Steem if it had something like this but hopefully takes off.


Yes, Steem has some really incredible Social Media Dapps building on top of it's blockchain that should significantly increase the value in the future. Dash and Steem are going after to completely different markets.


Seems like SBD could compete with Dash.

Nice post and thank you sharing with us


Thank you @hedge-x my wish i can see you on the top 🌋🌍


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