DASH update 22.11.17

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I just found this broadening wedge pattern in the daily chart of DASH. This was an enormously large correction, very time consuming and very indecisive.


Because of this large correction, a new big impulse is likely to show up soon. If this really is waves 1 and 2, DASH could double within 6 months...

image (5).png
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I was going to buy Dash but I ended up staying away from the trade. Why? Because noticed something fishy. Twice in the last two weeks there were pumps all at once within 30mins to 1 hour period. That raised the price by 200 almost in each pump and then it dropped 150. Now to me I see that as very fishy, it must be internal or miners pumping the price to raise profits. I think the pumps did work. Because within 2 weeks of the original pump the price now is almost at the peak of the original.


At the end of the day, Dash is the Bitcoin killer and it has the most matured crypto community period. Here is proof: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@vimukthi/lessons-from-dash-community-vs-pivx-how-to-act-like-the-adult-in-the-room-and-stop-the-pointless-hostility-to-embrace-the

They not only have amazing tech, they have self funded treasury which should now be at over 3.5 milion USD per month. When Dash goes up, treasury goes up. Personally I think this was previous positive sentiments blowing up combined with PBC recommendation. Here is another reason:

Nice find. Personally, I think DASH is going to grow until reaching again the peak of March.