Dash -- Easily Create A Masternode Using Node40.Com

in dash •  3 years ago 

Today Dash reached an all time market cap high. As of this writing, Dash is at $12.86 and has a market cap in excess of $80 MM.

Imagine buying and keeping (yes, you hold on to your own bounty) 1000 Dash, while earning a payout of 7.62 Dash in passive income each month? All you have to do is contact Node40.Com to set up a masternode on your behalf. Masternodes provide liquidity for the system. They only charge 2.95 Dash per month - with discounts for longer deals.

Tell them dwyer70905 sent you. Here is my referral link: https://register.node40.com/FGVZ63XFY8GMXKMUHNG3EJ5XBKLUCGQR

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