Dash publishes new website! / Dash veröffentlicht neue Webseite!

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Get paid, shop, pay bills. Dash gives you the freedom to move your money any way you want. Grab a coffee, split a check, or pay your phone bill. Dash moves money anywhere, to anyone, instantly, for less than a cent. 

The cryptocurrency project Dash has published a new website with information on how to use Dash, where to buy it, where to spend it, how to accept it and how to develop for it

The site also contains a detailed Roadmap for the upcoming release of v0.14 and v1.0 (also known as Evolution). The next release v0.14 will contain ChainLocks, a function that will make Dash resistant against 51%-attacks. 


Einkaufen, Rechnungen begleichen, bezahlt werden. Dash bietet dir die Freiheit dein Geld so zu verwenden, wie du es  möchtest. Bestell dir einen Kaffee, teile eine Rechnung oder bezahle  deine Telefongebühr. Dash bringt Geld überall hin, zu jedem, sofort und  für weniger als einen Cent.    

Das Kryptowährungsprojekt Dash hat eine neue Webseite mit Informationen darüber veröffentlicht, wie man Dash benutzt, wo man es kauft, wo man es ausgeben kann, wie man es als Händler akzeptieren kann und wie man für das Dash-Ökosystem entwickelt

Die Seite enthält auch eine detaillierte Roadmap für die kommende Veröffentlichung von v0.14 und v1.0 (auch bekannt als Evolution). Die nächste Version v0.14 wird ChainLocks enthalten, eine Funktion, die Dash resistent gegen 51%-Angriffe machen wird.


The best way to get in touch with the Dash community is through one of the Discord Servers (Dash Talk and Dash Nation) or Reddit.


Der beste Weg, mit der Dash-Community in Kontakt zu treten, ist über einen der Discord Server (Dash Talk und Dash Nation) oder Reddit.

Dash Embassy D-A-CH | Impressum  


Is the fate of Dash for the next 10 years a stable one?

Yes, i'm putting all my life savings into Dash ;)

Ok then, I might sell my house.


Crypto currency overall has been losing for last one plus year. Hope with initiative Dash will gain some value.

We're all waiting for the bull run as the kids for Santa Claus.

No crypto is stable...not even stablecoins!!

By stable I meant will perform well, not that price will be also the same.

The new Dash site looks great and was worth the wait. For daily Dash news check out our content and give us a follow.

New website, new updates, new adoption. Dash is in constant evolution. Come check us out! Lots happening, lots of opportunities to work with us to realize the digital cash vision.

Very nice! I too appreciate the new site, especially finally having a working roadmap is a huge plus.

That looks really good, I like the modern design

Good job,its really good ,go ahead Dash.

Dash was the first crypto that I bought. And the second that gave me a nice little profit.

By comparison though, you could do all the things that Dash does with Steem with no transaction charges and a faster transaction to boot. :P

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No, you can't. ;)
Steem is the best platform for social networks in the world and has an amazing community(I'm part of it myself since mid-2016), but it lacks certain criteria’s that are essential for monetary cryptocurrencies. There is exactly 0 privacy on Steemit and I don't mean the privacy that is necessary for illegal stuff, I mean the privacy that not every person you interact with knows exactly how much money you have and where you have bought stuff in the past. This is a huge issue.
An account for Steem also costs money and the rate of free account creation is slow and has been really detrimental to the growth of Steem in the past. With Dash you can create millions of addresses in a second and for free. You can make 16000 transactions with Dash for the price that an account for Steem costs on AnonSteem, so Steem is not really cheaper than Dash, and it is also not really faster than Dash, because an InstantSend transaction (which now costs the same as a normal Dash transaction) takes 1,3 seconds, which is around the same as the block time of Steem.

Haha. True dat, true dat.

Immer wieder schön von Dash zu hören....neben Bitcoin und Litecoin eine der wichtigsten Zahlungsmittel

Great looking site! Well designed, clearly communicates the advantages. I’m very interested.

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You know what's cool?

STEEM and DASH bridge.

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I know, just wanted those people in Dash make something like Bitshares ahahahaha.

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Yes a good one. A post from Dash in a bear market earn 130 usd on steemit.....

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Dash has lost a lot in last one year. Hope it comes back up again.

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nice info about dash thanks for sharing. How to get free Bitcoin in 2019

Alles richtig gemacht, weiter viel Erfolg...

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Excellent content! I like $DASH.

I will abuse the space to add this link that may be useful for small investors.


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