Dash Haters

in #dash6 years ago

If what you say is true and you really care about the people, their investments and them not being scammed, you have done your part is making people aware of your concerns. If you continue to lash out it will become apparent that those were and are indeed not your intentions at all.

We can all appreciate you taking the time to point out how you see things. Each of us has enough brain power to do our own research and make our own decisions. It really isn't your job to protect us.

There is a lot going on in the crypto space. Is there something out there that you are excited about and can put your energies into something positive and encouraging? What can you share and talk about that is uplifting? What cryptos do you see as the future and why? I am much more interested in hearing about what coin-x or company-b are doing well and how they are going to succeed and how they are going to change the world and our future than hear negative things about any coin, product or company.

Your personal energy is the greatest commodity you have... spend it wisely.

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