DASH Is Going Up - Maybe This Ad Campaign Has Something To Do With It?

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I have been blown away by how well DASH has done this year.   I think a lot of people are surprised at how well it has done and the more it goes up the more they are able to pump money back into advertising it.  This is the first time I have seen a slipstream ad on YouTube for it.   It was a pretty solid ad and when I went to the channel it was being served up from they are running it in Latin America and also in India as well.   

There is a big incentive to get a proposal accepted for DASH at this point so more people keep poring into it.   This is one of the reasons I'm mining Electroneum so hard.  I think the marketing could carry it a long way and they have the ICO money to get things rolling.   

Here is the video from the DASH ad.  It looks like across all the different versions it has been viewed around 250,000 times this past week.   

What do you guys think of the ad campaign?  

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Ok, I was on the fence about Dash, but if they're seriously advertising like that, I may put some serious money down on DASH.


I have known about DASH since 2014 but never put any real money in. Just did swing trades here and there because technology wise it isn't as good as Monero but the way they set everything up with the marketing and the masternodes it has worked out really well for them. I'm pretty blown away to be honest.


I caught some of their other marketing also, and to be honest, I'm seriously impressed with their business acumen. That's not something that comes easy, and if you want to blow up to be the next Bitcoin, you NEED to market like mad and provide a significant value added business case.

It was brilliant on behalf of the Dash team to hire Amanda B Johnson as their spokeswoman a few years ago. The price back then was in the single dollar range and crypto was going thru a nuclear winter.

If you think about it, she garnered the attention of thousands of men who then invested in Dash. This kept the project alive by keeping the price inflated (master nodes really helped) and the team could then reinvest more money than before back into marketing... they cycle continues.


Yeah it worked out pretty well for them for sure and they just paid Max and Stacey from the Keiser report millions of dollars to "DASH around the country on a big road trip" Made a lot of sense. People just keep piling in.