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We are now accepting Dash for payment of anything in our online store! 

The New Dash Shirts & Hoodies:

Buy with dollars on Teespring:

Buy with Bitcoin, Steem, OR DASH and shop more shirts on   

 How is Dash different than Bitcoin?

Dash is completely anonymous, Bitcoin is not. Due to the code, people can’t do reverse look ups on the Blockchain to track patterns and then track transactions on Dash.

To accomplish anonymity, Dash leverages a built in mixing service that hides the chain of the coin’s transactions.

In Dash, there are special nodes called masternodes that mix the coins.For a transaction on Dash, the following happens:

  • The coins leave the sender’s wallet.
  • The coins then go go to a masternode and get mixed up with coins available on the masternode.
  • The coins that go to the recipient are now different than the original coins sent from the sender.

Dash also has instant transactions. A small fee is paid to the masternode and the transaction completes within seconds, without the need for confirmations. Bitcoin is lacking in this regard. Bitcoin transactions are now taking hours as of 3/15/17. 

 More on Dash: 

 Want to use Dash alongside your other cryptocurrencies? Check out the Exodus wallet. They let you control your keys and store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, & Dogecoin all in one convenient place. 

 Check out 

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you have some really fantastic shirts, can't wait to order some

Learn while shopping. Nice page!

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