Shooting Dash 101 in French

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Last week we produced eight more episodes of our educational video series Dash 101, this time in French. The host is Roxane Malik from Brussels. We met at SteemFest 2017 in Lisbon and became friends.

Roxane Malik in the green screen studio

Roxane has been very active in building up the French speaking Steemit community and she is eager to learn more about other cryptocurrencies. When we produced Dash 101 in November and December of 2017 (in English, German, Spanish and Russian)  Roxane thought it was a great idea to have the serie in french too, and that she was willing to translate and host it.

The Dash 101 studio and team in Berlin

I liked the idea, but we did not have the money to realise it, as we had spent it all on the other language versions. Applying for funding from the Dash DAO works like this: you write a project proposal with a budget, then the Dash masternodes vote on it. If you have a qualified majority, you get the funding. For this, the difference between "Yes" and "No" votes needs to be bigger than 10% of the total number of masternodes, which is currently about 4800.

The teleprompter with Roxane's French translations

For each project proposal you need to pay 5 Dash, which are lost if you do not win the voting. At the current Dash price that is about 1900 US dollars. This makes sense to avoid spammy applications, it is quite a high risk to lose that money if your project does not get enough positive votes. 

Annett makes Roxane even more beautiful

While we were considering whether we should run the risk to apply for more funding, we received a nice offer. A Russian called Alex has watched the Russian version of Dash 101 and liked it so much that he decided to provide the funding for another language. He had applied for funding of educational videos but had more money than he could spend. Thank you, Alex, for your generosity! We appreciate a lot!

How long is Roxane's hair?

With this new unexpecting funding it was obvious that French was the next version, as I was sure that Roxane would be a great host and she had even already translated the texts at her own risk. 

And indeed: she was an amazing host - beautiful, smart and articulate. Her husband Olivier supported her by checking her pronounciation and timing. I had some French in school but I don't really speak it, so his help was very important. 

No, we did not starve in the studio...

The production went very smoothly, we even finished earlier than planned. This was probably also due to the fact that our dream team consisting of Max (camera), Jenny (sound) and Annett (make-up) had developed a great routine and team spirit throughout the eight shooting days of Dash 101 last year.

... we had nice lunch breaks in the sun

We very all very happy to work together again. I think you this on the pictures. Now our editor Nastya is selecting the best takes, edits them and combines them with the animations made by Inés and Santiago from Buenos Aires. This will take some time, so the French version of Dash 101 will be ready in a few weeks.

The Dash 101 French team: Jenny, Olivier, Roxane, Aaron, Annett, Max

After finishing the production, Roxane and Olivier were the special guests of our monthly Private Key meetup at Oak & Ice café. We had a great discussion with the Berlin Bitcoin, Dash and Steem community.

Roxane and Olivier enjoying cake and icecream at Oak & Ice

Roxane with Majella and Anja, two very active members of the Berlin Steem community


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I loved to work with you Aaron! Thank you for this opportunity I loved and fully enjoyed it !

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