The best time to buy a netleaders license.

in dascoin •  2 years ago 

The next Network Upgrade is taking place Feb 17 – just 1day away. As you know as part of a Network Upgrade, all Cycles that have not been submitted to the Minting Queue are doubled. This makes the lead up to a Network Upgrade the best time to purchase a license as you can double your Cycles almost immediately meaning less time before you can submit them to the Minting Queue to mint the maximum amount of DasCoin possible. In the case of President Licenses you can benefit from Network Upgrades even once your Cycles have been submitted to the Minting Queue - so get ahead of the crowd and submit your Cycles to the front of the Minting Queue whilst everyone else waits for the Network Upgrade!
Remember DasCoin is coming into public exchange on 28th April. Then within next few months, DasPay will bring massive change in crypto world.

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