What is Tesla-based quantum access time travel technology?

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"DARPA’s secret quantum access Tesla-technology time travel Project Pegasus"

"The portal itself, Basiago describes as two parentheses-shaped booms that were 8 feet tall and spaced about 10 feet apart. He describes the computer configuration from which the portal was being controlled as rudimentary and plugged into the wall with a power cord that would look more fitting if it lead to a lathe or drill press – ironic for a machine capable of tearing the space-time continuum."

"But the IBM 5100 was more than just a portable computer. It contained a hidden feature that remained undiscovered by the general public for fifteen years, until the year 2000."

"According to many mars whistleblowers, the Department of Defense developed time travel technology over 45 years ago. As early as 1967, the US government possessed a fully operational time travel machinery built on the quantum access researched by Tesla."

"The U.S. government has had Tesla-based quantum access time travel technology for over 40 years.

Time travel technology has been weaponised with its principal impacts to date being for the sequestration in time loops of secret military installations, such as U.S. secret bases on Mars, political control of the human population, political surveillance, and attempted imposition of a catastrophic timeline on humanity by withholding or manipulating information about future events."

"According to two National Security US Informants, the Department of Defense developed time travel technology over 40 years ago. As early as 1967, the US government was using a fully operational time travel facility built on Tesla-based quantum access. This technology has been used to keep the construction of military installations secret, as well as provide political and economic advantages by way of knowing what the future holds."

"some think that the US and other world governments do have time travel technology and may have had access to it since the late 1960s. Some whistleblowers claim that they were involved in time travel projects run by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency."

"The possible hyperdimensional “war” has come to public light because of the operational use of quantum access time travel jumpgates and quantum access technology at the U.S. secret base on Mars. Quantum access technology is used to time travel U.S. armed service personnel who serve as permanent staff at the U.S. secret Mars base and to age-regress them back to their original time-space starting date after the completion of their 20 year rotation cycle on Mars."