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Well, I kinda said I'd start posting more about the upcoming Foundations EP in my previous blog but it turns out some of you wanted to find out how I made the Dark Times track so here goes!

The Making of Dark Times

I actually had no idea how I was going to get this post done. I was thinking just a regular blog post but I'd still be writing it until next year just because it's a complex beast to try and show to people who'd never have seen the music software or studio before.

So I thought... VIDEO! But how can I actually record this, have my face showing and then have the music software playing as well? Google search results returned a very useful response - OBS! A free tool that's VERY versatile and has more settings then you can shake a stick at!

I spent much of Sunday getting to grips with how the actual recording software worked, getting the volumes right, having my ugly mug on the screen and all sorts of fun and games but I got there in the end!

Dark Times Walk Through

Even with the video, I found myself prattling on for a good few minutes about all the different elements of the song, how I made them and a bit about the track itself. Hopefully you all find it interesting and enter my crazy world of the music studio! I tried to keep it non-technical but seeing as I don't know all the nuances and terms myself, it was never going to be that technical haha!

FYI - The software you see in the video is FL Studio 11 :)

A big thanks to @gabrielatravels for the artwork at the end of the video and to @spotlight.artist for their support on their show this last Friday! Looking forward to the @emalliance take over in a couple of weeks time!

Well, I quite enjoyed that! Let me know if you want to see more of these :)

Until the next time, take it easy!


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Good luck, I hope you make it


Thanks wales! Going to do more of these I think, was pretty cool to go through the project again :)

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Thank you for the awesome support Artzone!

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Ah man, thank you so much for featuring me in the blog! Wow, some great names there and thanks for the awesome comments 🙏

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