Dark Souls and the fair physics -part 2

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When your weakness is also your biggest strength. Some would believe that a lack of polish was possibility pressure to meet a deadline of not go over budget, they are more than likely right. This could be one reason dark souls was so rough around the edges. Many would argue this is not just part of the games charm but also fits the games atmosphere, I would agree. From wall clipping, dragging dead flopping enemies stuck in your feet, to sliding off edges these are just a few examples but wait. How could this be a strength? In games, sports, and life people recognize fairness and even more so unfairness. In Dark Souls if a boss can clip you threw a wall, you can also clip it threw the wall. Just as you slide off edges so do your foe. Just as you can drink health potions and take damage while doing so so can the your opponent. you take fall damage so dose everyone and just like you the heavier the armor the more damage we take. By we i mean everyone in the Dark Souls world. Of course their are always exceptions to make the game run properly but they are the exception not the norm. Dark Souls runs on a two way street where most games run on a one way street. When you die in Dark Souls it make you mad at yourself and not the game because you know its your error or lack of ability and not some cheap ass move. A Dark Souls veteran player is taught pattern recognition, risk reward, and pace. Dark Souls is a non-turn based turn based game and the sooner you realize this the sooner you will be able to master this game.
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