Abstract christmas

in #darkness3 years ago

─ A little late or maybe too early for Christmas.

Small and simple photographs that I took on a somewhat gloomy night


~This in the peculiar, makes me highlight a combination of Christmas with something gloomy and gloomy, a balance between light and darkness; A simplicity that I find fascinating~


~Here I highlight a little more what denotes a tangible state of light, here it is no longer a combination as in the first image, but is the pole of lighting, something lively at Christmas. ~


~This, although perhaps the least understandable and meaningless, is my favorite, it is simply abstract, to the pole of the murky, _ (I want to highlight that it was taken by mistake, it is the image above the lights, with the camera moved and it came out Wonderful light effect) _ I find the result fascinating and what it conveys and I wanted to share it~

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