Darkness is not scary - It is our friend

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Ever wonder why people get afraid of darkness? What is there to be so curious about? What lies inside those shady places? Why don't you go to a shady place at 2 am in the night?

The world is itself a mystery. A deep, intense zone preoccupied by silence, mystery and uncertainty. A mystery that has not been solved yet. Scientists came up with their own theory, religion has its own significance, rebellion groups can't be overlooked, same as the religious fanaticism. Every individual has its own meaning of life, everyone sees through these dark areas with their own perspectives. 

People engage in daily activities, they meet, they greet, they work, they play, they sing, they dance, all their spirits are high during the day time, they feel at ease when they see the sun, but as soon as the sunset happens, they tend to go to their homes, they tend to relax, they tend to be queit, they lie on the bed engulfed in different thoughts, and yet they often ignore the question " What lies in those shady places? Why is darkness considered a symbol of fear"?

I have many a times attempted to question myself about it and alas I haven't been able to come up with a conducive conclusion as of yet. This world seems to remind us about the temporary relief that we get under the sunshine and yet it also reminds us about the dismay that we may experience during our life time in the form of night darkness.
Source: Pixabay

There have been numerous myths pertaining to the mystery of such shady moments. For instance, a black cat if its crosses you, you will soon experience something bad, second one is, do not beat up a cat when it is Thursday.

Wait a second, it seems as if CAT is the only creature that is responsible for all the sufferings due to such shady environment. HAHAHAHA! No, it shouldn't be the case. Yet at the same time, we can't stop ourselves to believe in such drafted myths, irrespective of our education levels and religious standing.

But then again, the question remains unsolved! What is there in the darkness that make us so scared?

Apparently, there isn't anything in the dark. but it is that frightened mindset that makes us feel the fear out of that darkness. 

As far as I am concerned, I have little fear of such darkness and I can spend the whole night all alone in those dark places. Yes, I am serious. Darkness give me strength, it gives me pleasure, it makes me feel the unfelt, it makes me think the other way round, it keeps me away from all worldly troubles. Most of the people hate darkness, but I love it. 

The reason of me being a darkness lover is the serenity and tranquility that darkness offers, the peace that it offers, the moments spent in dark makes you explore your soul, it reminds you that you are not just a piece of flesh and blood, but you are actually a soul, your soul determines the degree of contentment for your good self. It will not be worthy for you that you do such acts in the day time that harm your soul and ultimately repent on that during the night time.

Source: Pixabay
 Darkness comes just to teach you to be a human, it makes you feel the pain of the sufferers, it makes you realize that your time may be near. It reminds you of those graves who are holding people who were just like you some time ago. Darkness reminds you of enlightening your soul, remembering the UNSEEN and forecasting the moments in an unprecedented manner that ultimately brings your soul to the highest level of tranquility.

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