Dark Souls, the intelectuals game.

in dark •  7 months ago  (edited)

Dark souls difficulty is a simply a shadow hiding its true beauty to those who are lazy, non curious, or are unwilling to look into ones own soul. this might seem over dramatic to some but a key concept the game is based on is that stagnant water becomes full of disease and bacteria causing any who dare drink it death. well our mind and souls work in the same why. without purpose we die, with out motion physically or mentally we die. Most of us humans die well before we perish. the moment we stop searching, thinking, asking questions, and working towards something we enter a Hollow state just going threw motions and suppressing what perpetuates life.In these daily "in air quotes" blogs I will explore what makes this more than just a game to so many. we will also explore what makes this a special community of die hards. Thanks for your time and support in advance.
-Praise the Sun

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