Darico Ecosystem – a brief look for a great idea

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Let's have a brief look to what Darico Ecosystem is targeting.
The Darico Ecosystem has been designed for people to be able to monitor, trade, invest and spend their various types of cryptocurrencies fast, easy and effectively. The Ecosystem is providing professional-standard and user-friendly investment tools, which enable them to make informed cryptocurrency investment decisions.
The Darico Ecosystem will enable crypto investors to thrive by providing them with access to trusted sources of information and to all of the tools they need to make informed investment decisions and to integrate cryptocurrencies into their everyday lives.

Darico Ecosystem Coins will enable holders to access the wide range of services available within the Ecosystem. In turn, payment in DEC will encourage further adoption of the coins and the continuous development of the Ecosystem services.

The ecosystem consists with the following modules:

Darico GNIUS Wallet - A secure, 2FA multi-coin (ERC20, BTC and more) wallet suitable for all crypto investors will be the first Ecosystem product to be launched and will also include the integration of a Debit Card.

Darico NYUS Terminal - A subscription-based hub for crypto investment information, news and analysis. Darice's vision is to become the crypto world's version of Bloomberg or Reuters, providing the accurate, trusted and timely information investors need to make informed investment decisions. The Terminal will be at the heart of the Darico Ecosystem with a desktop version available delivering market news, information and analysis straight to the user.

Darico DEPAY Debit Card - Bringing liquidity to cryptocurrency investment, the Debit Card will be linked with the Darico Wallet to enable the use of DEC and other cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions.

Darico DAREX Exchange - A regulated cryptocurrency exchange to be set up in Gibraltar where it will apply for a licence to operate as a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Provider. Gibraltar operates a robust regulatory regime that will ensure the Exchange is operated to the highest standards.

Darico CHAWK Index Fund - This will be a fully regulated cryptocurrency fund for private investors that will hold a diversified portfolio of 10 highly liquid cryptocurrencies. Consideration is being given to several jurisdictions that offer investment fund regulation.

Darico Ecosystem Coins
The function of the Darico Ecosystem will be supported by DEC, the Darico Ecosystem Coin.
DEC is an ERC-20 compliant token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. It is designed to give the holders access to the products and services available in the Darice Ecosystem. As the Darico Ecosystem gains users the demand for DEC will grow. As people will need it to pay for services such as the use of the Darico Terminal, Debit Card and Wallet,
DECs are intended to be used in the Darice Ecosystem to:

• Pay subscription fees to access Darico Wallet services
• Pay subscription fees to access Darico Terminal service
• Link Darico Wallet to the Darico Debit Card so that payment in fiat can be made.
• Pay discounted trading fees and commissions of the Darico Exchange and to receive any bonuses and rewards offered by the Exchange to DEC holders.
• Subscribe to units in the Darico Index Fund and to receive discounts on subscription and redemption fees and, potentially, certain bonuses and rewards.
• The Darico Blockchain, once developed, will be fueled by DEC through transaction fees and subscriptions and other fees.
• Bonuses and rewards will be available for DEC holders operating on the Darico Blockchain as extra incentives for using DEC.

For more detail you can have a look on Darico website https://darico.io

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