Darican Program – what it is and how it works

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By Darican Program, the Darico Team introduced the option to actively participate to the Darico Ecosystem evolution and Darican community grow.

When you join the Darican program, you become one of the core members in the growing community of Daricans. It enables you to use your skills and dedication to climb the ranks and conquer the leaderboards. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as you continue your journey, you avail new prizes that can be unlocked through hard work and proven efforts.
Every journey has to be properly planned in order to reach the goal. In the Darican Program the Darico team will assist you with the first couple of steps, and you create your own journey to the top.
In order to become a Darican you need to follow a set of steps:

  1. Enroll to the program – use for instance the following link https://darico.io/en/signup/invitation=d8b46953b5c8ffacee5400ee4fda015cdf0af9f23eae60b7c5a805792c0dbc84
  2. Login / Signup and verify your phone number in order to enter the first level of the program which will allow you to avail some prizes
  3. Once you are ready to enter the Darican Program, you can submit additional documents (Identifications, Passport, or Government ID)
  4. Your status will be “Pending” however, you can start your journey and accumulate EXP and DEC
  5. Start completing achievements and submitting your work, once your work has been checked and approved, you will be rewarded with the achievements (can take up to 1 week).
  6. Once you are “Approved” you will be officially crowned Darican and you will be able to withdraw the prizes from the achievements completed

The Darican levels and prizes are like below:
Darican Knight
0 EXP (Get Verified)

Darican Baronet
Requirement = 2,500 EXP
Prize = DEC 200

Darican Baron
Requirement = 5,000 EXP
Prize = DEC 500

Darican Viscount
Requirement = 10,000 EXP
Prize = $100 Amazon Gift Card + DEC 1,000

Darican Earl
Requirement = 15,000 EXP
Prize = $250 Amazon Gift Card + DEC 2,000

Darican Marquess
Requirement = 25,000 EXP
Prize = iPhoneX Or, $1000 Amazon Gift Card + DEC 5,000

Darican Duke
Requirement = 50,000 EXP
Prize = $3,000 Amazon Gift Card + DEC 10,000

For more details you can have a look on Darico website https://darico.io

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