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Simple video how to claim your DAPS tokens the easy way!

Staps to take:
1 Download the ENJIN wallet app ( https://enjinwallet.io/ ) on your phone and copy the DAPS wallet address to notepad/email it to yourselves.
2 Sign peepcoin wallet (see video). Do not forget to enter “Peepcoin airdrop” MESSAGE field.
Click “Sign Message” and copie the signature to notepad.
3 Fill out the claiming form. (shown in the video).

✰ Claim formulier: https://dapsproject.formstack.com/forms/personal_wallet_claims
✰ DAPS Steemit Manual: https://steemit.com/dapscoin/@dapscoin/daps-token-claiming-guide?r=vic-green

Enjoy the video,


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