Official DAPS Token Airdrop Date Announcement

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We are pleased to be able to give you an official date update of when the 1st batch (meaning all approved PC and Exchange verified claims) of DAPS token distribution will be airdropped and launched on Bleutrade and Cryptopia.

After much coordination and planning in the background we could lock down and finalize a date for the DAPS token airdrop. The 1st batch will begin on Monday, September 24th 3PM-5PM EST.

Bleutrade & Cryptopia can only coordinate unlocking of the DAPS token and launching of markets on a weekday, and Friday is not available for Cryptopia due to system change locks. The airdrop is scheduled in for this coming Monday between 3PM-5PM EST.

We will be running 6 full Ethereum nodes in order to process the airdrop batches as quickly as possible within the limitations of the Ethereum network.

We’ve been working hard to ensure our systems are fully tested and ready for an airdrop of our scale and the required speed to get the tokens distributed as fast as possible to as many users as possible.

There are many moving pieces that had to come together, including coordinating the airdrop with exchange listing launches. Even with all of the complications involved we
managed to achieve our goals and finalize the 1st airdrop batch and airdrop before the end of September.

We appreciate your understanding in realizing the time and effort this has taken from our team.

Part of the team is already working full time on processing 2nd-batch claims in the background to get that done asap too. Estimation at the moment is 2-3 weeks depending on the complications involved with further investigation of those claims.

We appreciate your support and patience over this very busy period. We’re almost there!

Find our tech support on Telegram: or

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