Dlive, $20,000,000, and Dapps of Steem

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Now, I'm mad at DLive. Not because they left, but the manner in which they did. They took a Steemit delegation... that literally means they took money from every active person on the platform. And then they left. So, people are free to come and go, but ethically I think announcing they are leaving while still having the delegation shows what kind of people they are. Immoral and greedy come to mind. Karma is a bitch... they'll get theres. Until then... they have $20 Million from an ICO so I don't think they give a fuck.

So, that's the bad news. The good news, if you didn't pay attention, is that those fuckers took $20M with them through whatever ICO they did. I don't pay too much attention to the world outside of Steem anymore so I don't know the details there... but ummmm, here's the upside.

Come to Steem. Build your business. Get $20M.

I don't want to get too hung up on the rest. I'm not sure it matters. Dtube has streaming. Vimm has streaming. Someone is gonna keep streaming on Steem. "DLive leaves" isn't the headline.

The headline is "you can build a business that can raise $20M in 7 months by building on Steem."

There's a lot of digital things to be sold. Get on it!

Dapps of Steem

I'm putting together a digital showcase of Dapps on the Steem Blockchain for November 3rd. I'm calling it Dapps of Steem. I'm going to do this once digitally, and I'm working on putting together a physical event as well. I'm shooting for right around when SMTs launch as a great way to announce to the world we have Tokens on this Blockchain and it's a great way to pool money for your business or community.

I'm hoping to get a mix of established entities on the Steem Blockchain to speak, and also give a shot to folks that want to pitch their business plans and see what happens with them. I'll leave some spots open for Steemians that want to talk about growing their individual page on the chain. If we pool that with some users and drag some NYC crypto investors to it we'll have a business building party going on.

So, save the date for Nov 3rd at 11am EST. If you'd like a speaking spot message me in Discord through minnowpond.org. I need a little more time on the physical event, but I'm planning on the last week in March or the first week in May. More to come. If you have a Dapp you'd like to showcase hit me up.


I'm not someone who usually gets involved drama of any sort, but the way they decided to go about it revealed a total lack of business ethics, in my view. I predict a bad reputation will follow their company for a good while.

esas cosas no se hacen man

$20M you say - this explains a few things Aggroed.

Be sure to include Partiko in your Dapp review - interacting with Steem has never been so enjoyable.

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We can still downvote 2 post here (2 and 3 days old):

I like your view on this but would you not think that this will make it more difficult for future projects to get the needed delegations in the first place?

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Never used dlive before. Vimm really sounds good to try.

I am looking at Vimm now too. I too never used dlive

Yah, I think vimm will be cool.

This was clear and precise, your point of view is important to the community, thanks Aggy

They left not a big deal.But they showed lack of business ethics and decepted with lots of humble steemian.

Excelente 😉 contiene información de mucho interés que le puede servir a bastante gente como a mi no sólo para informarme si no también para saber más mejorando mi concepto frente a estos temas.

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Not because they left, but the manner in which they did

This is perhaps the reason that the public is going crazy over this. People have done this before (albeit on a smaller scale) but this time it came out of the blue. Both @meno and @taskmaster4450 shed some light on the buildup and the aftermath and the more I look at it, the more this screams of 'f*** ethics' attitude.

Thankfully Steem is too big to miss a measly dapp that couldn't hold it together when the going got tough.....

I have a good idea, about a dapp, and use-case. Hm, not a good, a brilliant, very trendy, omg wtf idea. And im not an it-guy, i cant coding... So yes, steem is the blockchain of opportunities, IF you have tech and programming skills. If dont... Then f. ck you too :D

Any idea, what can i do, in this case? :)

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Nice one! See you in Discord. (^_^)

I like the sound of Dapps of Steem - it's a real selling point for the Steem Blockchain.
Like you said a blockchain of opportunity - come and build Apps here!
Goods news that @misterdelegation pulled back the delegation very quickly - and now they have some extra capacity to fund some of the new and emerging businesses being built!

They go carry a lot of money Sir.
I really want responsibility for his departure, hopefully they will.

Hahhaaa!! That's the @aggroed I know <3

very well handled @aggroed and I look forward to tuning in to Dapps of Steem

Are you aware of @oracle-d @aggroed? I think they are doing similar things to this at least as far as attracting outsider businesses to the blockchain is concerned.

If you don't know of them it might be worth taking a look. 😊

Very cool initiative. As far as events go, I think Steem still has a lot of upside potential.

Would you mind linking info about the 20m ICO, though?

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I think the main takeaway from this is that they're fucking morons. No, seriously, they could have done this properly and told people that they were just a proof of concept, and everyone would be fine with that. They would be a bit less popular because they might disappear at any time, but when this moment came around, they wouldn't actually be possibly in a legal quandary. If someone feels like it, they could sue them.

But you're absolutely right that we can develop things here and be successful and possibly get financial backers. Steem Monster might not have financial backers of the $20 million variety but the people here all got behind them with a few bucks, or even hundreds, many doing giveaways with them. That's pretty cool.

So, when's SM leaving? :P LOL

i would. once i have Sugar Steem up and we have officially sandboxed it this week i would love to be a part of this

In all areas these things are seen, the important thing is not to be corrupted and do things correctly. What should we start again? Well, it's done. But they should make a legal framework that seeks and penalizes this type of people or organizations.

It's funny I was talking about this, yesteday and became the troll. Anyways I'm glad everyone took a good sleep and started think it straight.

I liked this heading very much!
Come to Steem. Build your business. Get $20M.

BTW I'm in if you'll need any graphical assistance.

Dlive's move did come as a shocker to all of us. While we might be mad at it, Im certain it will backfire at them, they left an amazing platform and wonderful community.

Love the sound of dapps of Steem. Definitely interested to talk about Actifit !

They are very unethical but they will have great difficulty in getting people to trust them again.

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nice way to put it.

Really unfortunate that DLive is taking a hike.

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Thanks for the updates. It’s quite shocking to know that people can make money like this and had no ethics whatsoever.

Than you for all your good effort!

Ohh Thats the project .. 👍

support and resteem!

The old bait and switch. I don't know how I didn't see this coming. I think it's really cool how you built PAL discord and it has brought many people together that would not have had a place to network other wise. Bringing attention to these different dapps to the right people, is something I'm a huge fan of and will support wholeheartedly .

I recommend not using commuter. Not good for business.

And Buy more steem.

Great post @aggroed show those suckers what it means to establish a great App and community on Steem. Dlive took the Delegation and invested behind our back in a different blockchain infrastructure shame on you! And the reason they cone up with why they left Steem is really nonsense... we don't need them anymore I'm glad that they left before all the good updates H20, Hivemind and SMT where established. Otherwise they probably would have damaged a lot more users than now. Go Dlive while the rest of us is reaching for the honey pot!!!

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And so I uploaded only one video on DLive for test.

Is it good?

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Come to Steem. Build your business. Get $20M.

Spot on! If we leave the exit part out.

Es wird solche Leute leider immer geben.
DLive nie benutzt zum Glück.

F----k DLive... 😠😠😠

Hello @aggroed, in my village they say, "you don't need the one who left, you need the one who arrived", so welcome the new proposals and grow steadily.

Hello @aggroed, in my village they say, "you don't need the one who left, you need the one who arrived", so welcome the new proposals and grow steadily.

Every one who used dive need to change their passwords

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

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