Trade the Prospectors Assets You've bought during the Auction

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Trade or present your assets to anyone!

Every gamer knows that so far the main problem with any game assets was the lack of options to trade. So a user who has invested a lot of resources, time and efforts to create any worth asset, has no opportunity to sell it or present it to anyone. CryptoLions solved this problem for digital assets created on the EOSIO blockchains launched their new product Simple Assets. And now thanks to our cooperation with CryptoLions you can trade any Prospectors assets you have.
When we were looking for a solution for Prospectors assets we positively chose the uncomplicated standard for digital assets Simple Assets from CryptoLions. It is an open-source solution that can protect every gamer using our digital assets. The closest known analog of the Simple Assets is still in the development phase and has no open source solution.

Everyone who has already participated in the *Prospectors *Ticket Sale or Assets Auction could notice that all purchased assets appeared on your simple market page. Using this service you can effortlessly trade any your assets, give it to another player, offer or claim the asset. Furthermore, on the Simple Market page, you have an option to attach a non-fungible token (NFT) or fungible token (FT's) to another NFT. All Prospectors assets are fungible tokens.


Regarding Prospectors, it gives you wide opportunities to dispose of the Prospectors assets you've already bought during the auction. So before the game launch, you have a chance able to buy something useful from another user, exchange some assets for what you need and sell what you do not intend to use. It's one more reason to look for cheap prices and buy something useful during the Assets Auction.


Yet you need to know that after the game launch there in Prospectors will be exceptional in-game assets. So after you will activate the asset it the game, you won't be able to return it back on the Simple Market page.

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