What cryptocurrency/decentralized Apps do you actually use?

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Are there any decentralized Apps that you actually use?

For me I use regularly:

  • Steem of course, by far the most often
  • Bitcoin, I use it frequently to send money and pay things
  • DAI, MKR I have used to create store money as well as to liquidate ETH without creating tax events.
  • I have tried Augur but really did not like it for a few reasons....
  • I have played with cryptokitties but got bored pretty quickly

Curious to hear from you what decentralized Apps you actually use.

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STEEM is obviously the one I use the most. I use Steemit/Busy, @dlike @steemhunt dpoll and @steemmonsters the most. I never post articles on STEEM. Instead I use Busy because of the free upvote.

I've never used Bitcoin other than holding some on an exchange. I use Dash or when that isn't possible, I use Ethereum. Both are fast and has ultra low fees (especially Dash)

I've used Bitshares a bit and https://soundac.io (A DPoS music streaming project) occasionally.

I haven't tried Augur or CryptoKitties. I've been very impressed with Byteball and I've used several of its smart contract bots such as the lottery. It was a pretty decent for a crypto project. Supporting World Community Grid for medical research and earning Byteball is really nice. They have daily payouts. It's a great way to help humanity with your idle CPU/GPU power: https://steemit.com/byteball/@vimukthi/byteball-leads-world-community-grid-thor-challenge-2018-with-the-power-of-incentives

Does using Brave browser count as a DAPP. It's an amazing project and comes with a crypto wallet and great privacy features. I've also tried https://lumeos.io and several other obscure crypto projects just to try them out. I've also used Waves DEX which isn't as great as Bitshares.

I also tried BitTube when you asked about the project to get a feel of what it is. I also checked out https://lino.network when Dlive migrated. I didn't think it was that great.

That's what I remember from top of my head.


I've resisted so far, but I think I will have to find myself a small hard drive, say about 250gb, so as to instal W7, just for me to move on to Brave.

You see (?) it is good that you keep plugging it... :)

On STEEM, except steemit :)

  • utopian,
  • steemmonsters,
  • actifit,
  • steemhunt,
  • dtube,
  • occasionally dlike.

Bitcoin, mainly to buy other crypto
EOS for playing EOS Knight
Some small amounts of other altcoins

  • Steem - for blogging
  • BitShares - for exchange
  • EOS and ETH - to play games

What games do u actually play?



And waiting for more )

Its rather slim pickings when it comes to dApps that arent steem based lol. I tried out Storm Play for a bit and earned some STO playing mobile games and completing microtasks but it got boring pretty quickly

I've also used DENT to buy and sell mobile data since South African mobile data prices are ridiculous and its easier when you're travelling to buy various data plans from other countries

I also give BitTube and Presearch a try but they are both clunky and don't seem like they are going to catch on

Steemit and cindicator are probably the crypto's i use the most. I have checked out augur but i don't like it since the liquidity is to low on most of their markets. When adoption goes up i expect this to become less of a problem.

I am using @actifit dApp, a fitness-step tracker. In my opinion the best dApp to enhance health and fitness while earning rewards and Tokens on a daily business. Fantastic actifit-community and spot on developers.

Tried Augur for a few hours and never went back. The whole flow of making bets and calculating expected profits, especially with the non-existent liquidity, was a deal-breaker for me. Too complicated!

Yeeeeuh! SteepShot is dope! (Steem's Instagram mirror)

I've also been loving SteemMonsters, and I try to upload a few dTube videos every week. The Steem blockchain reigns supreme!

I am a lot on the Bitshares DEX, easiest way to trade market in/out of stablecoin.

And @steemmonsters, my God, only the business model makes me horny already. I am not at all a game player but this is definitely the best thing we have on the chain now

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I have been using SteemHunt since quite long right now. I have found it to be one of the best DApps on top of Steem Blockchain. The main reason for that is the community over there is quite closely knit and there are everyday rewards in the form of UpVotes for top 100 contributors.

Cryptokittys are boring, but a view weeks ago, they got a multi million sponsor, so I guess we will see anytime some development from the Kittys...

@steemmonsters is a great game that continues to develop interesting mechanics that involve more engagement. @actifit is also one I have been using to track my daily fitness activities. Outside the Steem ecosystem, I have used BAT but not sure if that is really a DApp at this point but I enjoy using the Brave Browser.

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Obviously, everybody reading this uses STEEM, how can you not?!?! :D

I´ve also tried Augur, but, just like you, I didn't love it, although the idea is super interesting.
Besides that I´ve been using Theta Tokens, through the Silver website. And also WAX associated with CSGO trading skins.

Dear @knircky, as you know from past months i started to you Waves platform to develop Intellihandling coins, but due to very bad market cap of Waves we decided to hold them.
I think now crypto are really under attach and i would wait some more to see what to do, of course this year will end as the worse for crypto hystory...:((

I have not used much dApps except steemit and dtube. I know and want to start using switcheo exchange but I don't have so much money that I can buy NEO coins. Otherwise a great exchange I have seen. Wanted to start playing steemmonsters but am confused how to play. Is it compulsory to pay 10 USD to play steemmonsters??
On turning 18, I will start using IMT platform for lending money. I think it is decentralized and earns you profit of upto 5-7% per year. I just wait to turn 18. Just 2 years from here on. Most apps reject because I am not 18. Steemit was one of the first which accepted. That is why I love steemit.

I only have Steem and Bitcoin.

For Bitcoin

I use mainly my blockchain mobile application which is a product of blockchain.com.

I do have Crypto exchange accounts with exchanges like binance and bittrex but I never hold coins in those wallets. I simply use any of the accounts to exchange other cryptos to Steem or Bitcoin and then withdraw immediately.

Many crypto exchanges have been hacked or targeted by hackers and for me it is a clear indication that I should not keep my bitcoin in one, at least not when I am not in to Crypto trading.

For Steem

I use steemit.com, busy.org, dpoll.xyz and Partiko mobile app.

Partiko arguably has the best user interface and do always update it beyond my imaginations. Also, I am earning points from using the app as well as getting minute upvotes from @partiko They also sated clearly that these points will be an SMT (Smart Media Token) once it is launched. Besides, one can currently exchange the points for upvotes.

I use steemit.com because it is the basics or simplest and also because of its night mode feature

I use busy.org for my posting. It is a good way for one to get a decent upvote from a Steem dApp without it having a cut of your author rewardlol. Just post through it and include busy as a tag lol.

And is one Steem dApp that I just started using. It basically to ask and/or answer question or suggestions through a poll. It has been an amazing experience for me so far. Check out https://dpoll.xyz/


Thank you so much for mentioning us!

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My pleasure. Partiko is by far my best Steem dApp and that's why I choose to support with the maximum delegation that I can offer. Please just do add a night mood feature🙏

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That's definitely on our to-do list!

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Wow! I am pleased to know, good luck!

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i use too coinmi wallet there i regularly use eth, btc and doge. i am new in steemit.

Steem is the only one!

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Steem Bitshares and XLM
I only use bitcoin to conevrt to Steem and Bitshares, but for daily transactions Xlm is king!

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I have been using Steem / Steem-Monsters. Have you checked out Steem-Monsters yest @knircky ? Some of the cards have sold for upwards of $3000 but just like all other markets cardprices have been on a downswing.

Steem, BTS, Smoke, BTC, ETH

First of all, I would like to congratulate you, (your) wife - and pooch who inherited you, I guess, and wish you a lifetime of love, with more ups than downs.

I can only mention one service I use that makes Steemit a more interesting platform for me (for me, it is the people I enjoy interacting with, even if I now and then have a fight with someone):


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Listening to the politicians, of all parties, it becomes tempting to think that there are no good people left in our world. Being at Steemit is one way of reminding myself that there are many good hearts out there. You obviously are one of them and I hope you stay at Steemit for a long time.

Dear @knircky, of course i love Steem and steem-bounty, but for our coins dex we choice Waves, which in this bear market is taking out the balls going from 47 to 36 position in market cap and the reverse Steem is going from 48 to 50, there should be some reason if we have a smiling boss playing guitar and firing 70% of workers with crocodile tears...:(((