EOS LYNX - The Eos Wallet For Everyday Use - Best Wallet of 2019?

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Good day digital world,

You know me, I’m always checking out DApps looking for the gems amongst the rubble and the best way to do that is on State Of The DApps.

Today I’ll be reviewing the Eos Lynx Wallet, the easiest way to get started with EOS. It’s a fast & secure wallet for everyday use that allows you to:

  • Store your private keys
  • Send and receive all EOS based tokens
  • Browse & use the featured DApps on EOS
  • Easily create an EOS account
  • Import existing EOS account
  • Confirm transactions using Touch ID, face recognition or password.

As you can see this is a power packed wallet and in my opinion one of the best places to get started with EOS. Lynx is one of the top wallet DApps for 2019, and in this review I'll show you why.

  • EOS LYNX has an App for iOS , Android, Windows and MAC. To get started simply visit the LYNXY website, download the app for your device. If you don't have an EOS account follow the easy steps to create one with the DApp. For IOS and Android it is a simple in App purchase. It will cost $1.84 and that takes care of the necessary resources needed to use EOS. Do not forget to back up your KEY

Image via IOS App

With EOS Lynx you can browse all the Tokens on the EOS Blockchain and easily send/ receive them via EOS user name. ( well , that’s if you have those tokens).

I wish you could also purchase the tokens via the Dapp, but that is actually possible using the DEXEOS and the numerous other Decentralized Exchanges which can be found on the Explore Menu with Eos Lynx. Even though you are automatically signed into the decentralized exchanges once clicked, I wish it was more native to the Eos Lynx Wallet. But I guess I am just asking for too much :). Oh yeah, there is even fiat onramp via the Carbon DApp, but again it’s not 100% native within Lynx so it feels a little meh.

A screenshot of DEXEOS ( Decentralized EOS exchange as seen from the EOS LYNX WALLET )

Image from IOS APP

Transactions to other EOS users takes seconds and confirmation via Face ID or Touch ID really makes the process easy for the everyday user. Who really wants to go dig up their long ass keys every time they want to transact ?

EOS Lynx is really thinking about mass adoption with this DApp and it is clear. The interface is simple yet sleek and very easy to use. It’s not cluttered with unnecessaries. It almost makes you feel like you aren’t even using your keys, but hey, don’t forget to save/back up your EOS key.

Image from IOS APP

The coolest feature to me is the ability to discover and use DApps on the EOS Blockchain right from the wallet. Tron wallet also had this feature but after a recent update this feature seemed to be missing, I guess they didn’t want easy access to all those gambling DApps.
Image from IOS APP

Many games can be payed via the Lynx Wallet. Though most are simple and not quite the games hardcore gamers are used to. But we could say that for all blockchain games at the moment.

The DApps in the Explorer section load quite fast and the Face & Touch ID work seamlessly when doing so. One thing I don’t like was the fact that you couldn’t search for DApps but only featured DApps that went through the process of having them listed on EOS Lynx are visible. But I’m guessing the best of the best would want to be featured.
Image from IOS APP

Final thoughts

If you want to get started on EOS, or looking for a better way to explore & secure, LYNX is by far the easiest way. The interface is simple but cool, it’s good for the new crypto user as well as the veteran and the in Wallet DApp explorer makes for a good tour of what the EOS Blockchain has to offer. I give EOS Lynx 4 out of 5. If I could search all the Dapps I'd give it 5.

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