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Crypto-currency, a digital currency was created with aim of making the global system, efficient.

The regular and traditional methods of doing things and carrying out transactions, has countlessly, proven to be flawed in numerous ways......

That led to the developement of this digital currency ( crypto-currency).

It is very vital especially in the digital world, as the world is rapidly going digital... The need for a medium of exchange, arose, hence the creation of crypto-currency.

Since its inception, crypto-currency has exceeded expectations, in fact it not just functioning as a digital currency, but is rapidly finding its way into our everyday lives.

A lot of industries and sectors has adopted the use of Crypto-currencies in their establishments, so as to enjoy its benefits, which is just normal because, no one would like to stand bye and miss great opportunities.

This great achievement didn't just sprout out if nothing, it is owed to the driving force behind the efficient working and functioning of crypto-currencies....


The blockchain technology is a fully decentralized ledger system which stores data and is publicly shared across all the nodes of its network.

It is the hinge on which the crypto-currency is based upon.

It's sophistication and design makes it impossible for data stored in its system, to be hacked or manipulated.

The blockchain technology is not just limited to the developement of an efficient digital currency, its potentials is widely spread to affect every other system or sector, which adopts it, ranging from transportation, health, communication and a whole lot more.

Its recognition and adoption, could mean a great deal for those sectors, as it will help make their operations, seamless but very beneficial.

Aside the creation of crypto-currencies, another instance where the blockchain technology is seen in use today, is the development of DAPPS.

Dapps are decentralized applications that operates on a peer-to-peer system.

This Dapps has proven to be more efficient than the traditional applications, as Dapps ensure the total transparency and efficiency of its operations, as well as the scalability of the system itself.

It will always win over the old or traditional applications, due to its unique nature.

Having seen the potentials and experienced the benefits of the Dapps, a system has been put in place, to utilize the benefits of Dapps, to propel the global system to a great height.


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Dabanking is a fully decentralized system, which is solely based on the development of Dapps.

Dabanking was created out of the need to have a Dapps platform, which can foster the creation of other great and beneficial Dapps, and luckily for the global system, Dabanking is here, in fulfilment of that dream.


Now on the Dabanking Dapps platform, other Dapps can be created, which will be useful in the digital world and other systems.

That's not all....

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Dabanking will also make the system fun and beneficial, by introducing decentralized entertainment into the system.

To show its efficiency, Dabanking has already created one if its first blockchain Dapps, called the Fomojackpot lottery which can be used with the Fomogame, a Dapps game, meant to make the dabanking system an entertaining one and also to reward the Dabanking users, as they can earn by taking part in the Dapps game.

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Dabanking will keep on adding new games into the system, to keep it fun and entertaining.

To add more value to it, Dabanking also has a referral program, to reward more to the users, when the bring their friends to play the Dapps games.



The DAA token is the Dabanking platform's recognized and accepted currency, which is used to carry out transactions in the system and also deposited when the user wants to play any of the Dapps games, on the system.

Rewards are also given in the DAA tokens.

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Due to its blockchain structure, the Dabanking system will carry out its operations with great efficiency and transparency to the users.

Dabanking will open the doors for a a great number of Dapps to be created, as it is a platform for Dapps...

This will in turn elevate the entire global system.


Website: https://dabanking.io/

Whitepaper: http://dabanking.io/static/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/DABANKINGOFFICIAL

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dabanking.io/

Youtube: http://bit.ly/2VYtVOV

Medium: https://medium.com/@dabanking.io

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/dabanking/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dabanking_io

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