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The world is rapidly going digital, due to the way that, better and present day advancements are being made, in terms of technology

This new trend, digitalization is leading the way, as it has shown to be an undeniably profitable and supportive system.

A significant number of people have joined the system as they have seen it’s points of interest.

As this digitized system is overtaking, a cash which would fill in as a means for exchange, would be required.

Hence, the creation of crypto-currencies.

The crypto-currency is rapidly getting a great level of adoption and support, even in the world of fiats,as it has a lot of advantages over the regular fiats.

Trades are done with ease and at a speedy rate using crypto-currency. With all of these advantages, crypto-currency would help move the world forward and help it transition into the digital age.

A good example of the crypto-currency is Bitcoin which is rapidly hitting the roof,in terms of growth and usability.

All this greatness was achieved by utilizing the blockchain.

A blockchain is a distributed ledger, which are linked using cryptography. The blockchain development has been made with the end goal that it is resistant to modification of data, making information on the advancement protected.

Since its creation, the blockchain technology has been in use in all sectors and a lot of things has been achieved through its adoption and use.

If fully adopted, Dapps will become a great tool in every sector which uses it.

Another achievement of the blockchain technology is the creation of Dapps, using it’s advancement.

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Dapps are decentralized applications that runs on the blockchain.

Due to fact that it continues running on a dispersed framework, information from the customers, isn’t obliged by anyone. The Daaps has been made to cover all piece of life activity such as, social, health, game industry, finance and other sectors.

Dapps has helped raised the world to a progressively conspicuous height of development.

It can in like manner help support and boost the financial system of the world.

A lot of systems has been put in place to ensure the creation and adoption of Dapps, but all had their flaws, until Dabanking came along.


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DABANKING is a blockchain decentralized system, centered on the creation of Dapps.

It wishes to combine this great work with the creation of entertainment, for the masses, which guarantees adequacy, straightforwardness, security and a straightforward interface. Dabanking gives sensible condition to the progression of Dapps thusly setting the stage for development of more daaps.

These dapps would together improve the different systems of the world.



Dabanking has developed FOMO JACKPOT LOTTERY, subject to blockchain development which is made to work in combination with the Dapps game called FOMO GAME.

This is one of first Dapps of the Dabanking system. This Dapp is planned to help get rid of exhaustion from people and moreover bolster their compensation through using the gaming Dapps. The Fomo enormous stake lottery go for extending the compensation of customer by offering prizes to customer’s as the use the Dapps, this prizes would go about as a encouragement to the customer to help the enthusiasm of players in the gaming industry.

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To give more space to earning of rewards, Dabanking has developed a referral program for it users. The users earn more, just by referring people to the gaming Dapps.

The gaming Dapps would in like manner be upgraded on regularly to grow the excitement of the gamers.

Dabanking would develop and create room for even more fascinating Dapps on its system, to help the excitement of people on the gaming industry and also help strengthen the economic strength of the world.

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DAA token is the Dabanking currency which is used as a means of exchange to support the smooth running of movement and activities on the stage and moreover used to make entertainments in the system, by crediting the dabanking virtual wallet with it. The prizes would be given in kind of the DAA token.


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Dabanking platform has become the best of all.

Dabanking uses great approach and technologies, for instance, blockchain.

It also offer prizes to customers, in terms of the DAA token, as the use the gaming dapps to extend their compensation and help entertain its users.

This shows the level of progress, that Dabanking will bring to its users and the Dapps industry at large.










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