OxUniverse: A Flash Crash Guide

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1.Open this the previous steemit post in a new window:

2.Right click each and open in a new tab as shown in video:

3.Open your email in the next tab. I would suggest creating a new email just for dapps, or even just for 0xuniverse.

4.Get Chrome extension for MetaMask:
When you reveal your word seed from MetaMask, this is important private information. This is how you will access your Ethereuem private keys. They will allow you to send funds from your MetaMask account. So how I'm revealing this metamask account in this video, is just stupid. Anyone who has the word seed can access the account. But I'm hoping to experiment and allow viewers try this tutorial and if they like it, and it works, then they will give back to this account for the sake of learning the game.

It is smart to actually right down your word seed, exactly how you see it. Copy and paste, emailing it to yourself, or saving as a word file unencrypted, is dangerous because if that word seed is compromised, then you will lose your funds!! I do it this way, because this is a play account experiment.

So the word seed:

flame vast flat scorpion cupboard gas awful mosquito era squirrel during follow

will always open this Ethereum address.
You want your own private word seed!!!
This address is just for trying out the game...

Also, every password for this tutorial is 2 three times thrice.

5.Enter in the public info for this tutorial account.

6.Make an 0xUniverse account:
The account name is:

Password is always 2 three times thrice, this time has a 3 at the end
MetaMask will ask you to agree...

Important Note
You need to generate and store your own seed phrase to actually own an address privately. This address we are creating, is just for the tutorial. In like manner, enter your own information to register a 0xUniverse account.

7.Buy a Planet:

8.Play around and browse 0xUniverse. The game is fun and there is much more to come. This is just the beginning.

The public account is set up to invent a spaceship. See if you can do it! Be careful out there.

If you like this video, please do like and share. Also contribute to the ETH and planet searching on this account if you can:
Use my referral clinks.

Thanks so much for paying attention. Have a blessed day, take care.

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