FriendsFingers - A way to launch your crowdsale -DApp review(Task#9)

Hello Readers,
Are you looking to start a crowdsale?
Need some help?
Then you should know about FriendsFingers - A decentralized platform to launch your crowdsale.

What is FriendsFingers?

FriendsFingers is a platform where startups and small businesses can launch their crowdsale without any need of writing codes. Also FriendsFingers ends the need of issuing tokens since FriendsFingers itself issues Shaka (HAK), an ERC20 token with no setup costs. By holding Shaka tokens,holders will have rights to perform in decisions in form of a DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization.
FriendsFingers is built on Smart Contracts which is running on Ethereum Blockchain, which assures its sustainability factor. It was launched in February, 2018 and has monthly active userbase of 1k plus, which gives you an estimate of the possibilities of this platform.

How to use the FriendsFingers DApp?

You can visit the DApp website here : FriendsFingers
On launching the website, you will see their homepage - Very modern and professional User interface.

Lets go through some of the most important aspects of website and How-to.

Whitepaper button

You can first read their whitepaper which will bring you into confidence. Providing a whitepaper on the home page itself increases the credibility of the platform. The whitepaper is detailed and will answer each of your question from the founder's team to the tokens they are offering.


Start you crowdsale button

Right when you click on the option 'Start your Crowdsale', the attractive UI takes you to another section which first explain what is the about in a easy to understand manner. Then the win of the website is their Demo option.

Yes you heard it right, Demo of a crowdsale. After you click on the Demo button, you will be routed to below page.

See the red warning about 'DO NOT SEND REAL ETHER!', how professional it looks. It wins the userbase here by being so genuine. You can go through the demo and enter all the details needed and see how it works. They have clearly laid out all the options you need to fill in order to see a demo of your crowdsale.


Get the Shaka tokens

They have a direct option to offer the Shaka tokens which gives you the opportunity to explore credibility of the tokens beforehand. With an initial supply of 140,000,000 HAK, Shaka are credible enough to try out.


Various components of FriendsFingers

  1. First and foremost, they are clearly providing view of their roadmap and their whitepaper which increases credibility.
  2. Clear cut details of the Shaka token from initial supply 140,000,000 HAK to maximum supply 200,000,000 HAK.
  3. Integrated with all popular social media and an option to subscribe to their updates.
    4 Decentralized and built on Smart Contracts based on Ethereum blockchain.

What can be improved?

Lets see what can be improved. Although its a pretty awesome platform in its UI and layout. User can see most of the options clearly. But I don't see any explanation about how are they going to handle fees in detail. They mention at one intance that they will charge maximum 5% fee for successfull campaigns but I feel they can provide more details on that.

Why you should choose FriendsFingers over other crowd funding platforms?

  1. FriendsFingers ends the need of writing code for you and you can simply reply on them to launch your crowdsale.
  2. It also ends the need of tokens fuss since they have their own token Shaka (HAK) to help you out.
  3. Access to white paper while some of the platforms do not provide access to their whitepaper.
  4. Details of Team is also provided with their LinkedIn profiles. You can reach out to them for any important queries.

Overall this platform is a perfect safe option to launch crowdfunding. No hassles of writing codes and introducing new tokens, FriendsFingers is here to be your friend in need.

Website Link:


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