Lets review Vevue - Social media platform, task12

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Hello Viewers,

Lets review the social media platform VEVUE launched by Thomas Olson.


Social Media Platform - VEVUE

Vevue is a next generation social media platform where you can earn crypto rewards by creating videos and sharing them. It is peer to peer incentive based video platform based and developed on Ethereum blockchain. It also has an option to pin near around areas for you to have the opportunity to earn tokens. Their vision is to provide a fair chance to people to bring forward their creative content and get rewarded while doing so. Status of Vevue is currently live and the idea came into picture in 2015. So its pretty solid in its foundation. The software license issues is Javacript for Vevue.

Website link: https://www.vevue.com/

How to use the Cent DApp?

You can either use the Vevue platform on pc through their link Vevue PC OR You can download the application in your phone from appstore. It is available only for ios.


On Launching the web version Vevue PC ,you will see below page


After reaching on home page, click on signup button shown below to create your account.


Then you will be routed to this page where you have to enter your country and a phone number, submit and follow next steps.


Lets Navigate the menu bar and various options

This is how they simple yet attractive menu bar looks like:


This is the first button on the menu bar with a globe symbol, this will show you all videos from around the world.



Below button will show you the videos that you have marked as favourite and would like to go and watch them over again with time.


Features and components

Vision of Vevue

  1. Create - You build your profile and create original video then set the pay to watch option.
  1. Discover - Get up and Walk, while doing so you can earn money from strolling around and answering questions of community.
  1. Own - You also get the option to protect your content and get your copyright, so that whe your video become viral you can claim the rewards.
  1. Build - You also get the option to build your following by crowdfunding video productions.


The super awesome Punk UI

I must say that Vevue User interface is dope, the colors and everything is so classy



The press and partners associations

They have clearly provided their respective press and partners assocations which make them legit and also gives users a broader idea about their presence and reach.



What can be improved?

Vevue is providing both the web and mobile versions which is great. But they are providing their phone version only for ios, no android?

I really feel they should launch an android version as well since a good prcentage of the world uses androids. As a user, it would be disappointing to not be able to use Vevue on a android phone.

Why you should choose Cent over other income generating social media platforms?

  1. Vevue is peer to peer and ends the need of any third party intervention.

  2. Developed over Etheruem which is a solid factor.

  3. Clear cut vision provided on website, also they make you read their privacy policy once throughly.

  4. Also gives you option to copyright your videos

All in all, Vevue seems like a great social media platform for video creators and lovers, I would rate it 4.7 out of 5.

Website Link: https://www.vevue.com/
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