5 More Steem Applications To Pay Attention To In The Next 6 Months

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Yesterday, after reading the comment section of my previous post I realized how many projects I forgot to mention...some very important ones! So without further ado, let's jump into the extended list of very important projects to pay attention to on the Steem blockchain.


Utopian.io logo - Get Rewarded for providing open-source contributions

Utopian.io has created a way to reward open-source contributions thanks to the Steem blockchain. For almost a year now, people have been providing translations, pull requests, documentations, bug reports and more. Some very interesting developments are coming soon to utopian.io...such as a bounty request interface as well as a more generic platform for development contributions.

Smart Media Tokens will be a huge boon for this project as it will allow to spread it's wings and do things that are not possible currently with a single token. If I were to put money in an SMT, Utopian would definitely make it to the top of the list.


Steempeak - Another way to explore the Steem blockchain

By far my favorite general-purpose interface for the Steem blockchain. Writing in it is a charm, the dashboard is really useful, bookmarks, favorite user and more. I've heard they are working on something in collaboration with User Authority to provide an alternative trending feed that brings more quality content rather than who spent the most money on promotion bots.

What I am most interested in is how they are going to deal with the incoming Hivemind protocol, which will allow for the creation of open and closed communities. On this will hinge a lot of user adoption in my opinion.


Musing.io - Incentivized Q&A on the blockchain

I haven't used musing.io yet but I am very interested in the concept. Quora was a huge success by creating a good place for people to ask questions. What remains to be seen is how they are going to police the garbage content that will inevitably come by people trying to cheat the system.

This is another great project that will benefit from having their own Smart Media Token. Without a doubt, it's an interesting implementation of the Steem blockchain.

ESteem / Surfer

Esteem - Surfer Steem App

How could I have forgotten Esteem and Surfer by @Good-Karma? He has completed cornered the market for mobile and desktop app when it comes to a "Steemit-like" interface (along with major improvements). It will be interesting to see what direction those apps will take once SMTs & Hivemind will come online.

One major advantage that a desktop app is that it is not bound by internet laws the same way a website is. So if there is sensitive content released by outlet such as Wikileaks and other, we will have a safe path to access that content without censorship.


Decentralized Crowdfunding platform

I can't believe I forgot to mention this one yesterday. Fundition is opening brand new possibilities when it comes to funding projects via our upvotes. Yet another one to watch for when SMTs launch. Check it out today, it's really worth exploring all those interesting projects being launched every day to make the world a better place.


Which other Steem projects do you believe we should pay attention to in the next 6 months? Let us know if the comment box below.

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What about @steeveapp / https://www.steeve.app ? It is still under heavy development, but I am using it already every day as my primary Steem interface.

Disclaimer: I am one of the developers ;-)

I had not heard of any of these, except Utopian, wow, it is so exciting to think of all the development that is ongoing here on Steem. Yes for investment purposes but more importantly for mass adoption of decentralized social media, and the death of big brother monitoring and monetizing our social lives.

I use the Esteem surfer and it is awesome. Scheduled posts, seeing a users top posts right on top on account page are some of the most amazing features.

Hi @cryptoctopus, what is the option to pm you?


Yes I also want to connect with you @cryptoctopus.

Oooohhh.... I love the sound of TokenBB (and yes, I've signed up for it 😉)

Sounds like some momentum starting to happen with all these dApps.

Nice sum up. Agreed. I’m using almost all these dapps. They are promising for sure, especially musing :)

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They sure are great and for Utopian they sure are one of the best indeed :)

and i do am using eSteemSurfer for quite some time and it sure is a cool app and all the things are easy to use as well.

While heard about Fundition and the rest two are new to me :)

While hope the SMT will give us a blast in the next year :)

merci de nous apporter ces informations, j'avais pas entendu parler de musing, à suivre. @steemhunt à l'air pas mal avec son airdrop pour les teemiens, mais pas beaucoup l'ont réclamé pour le moment, ils attendent surement de monter leur SP...à suivre, bonne journée


Pareil pour musing, quand à steemhunt vu que va utiliser le SMT de steem l'on dispose encore d'un peu de temps (dans les 7 mois avant la sortie) donc encore le temps d'en faire une belle promotion ;)

Thanks for coming up with all these additional dapps @cryptoctopus
With introduction of dapps a user can easily make $10 per day or more as per their capability and knowledge. All tyese apps are rewarding their user with 2 $ - 4$. It upto user how they going to cash on the offer.

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Absolutely agree. If you work hard, you can definitely make $10 a day which is an excellent opportunity for anyone who perhaps isn't the greatest blogger or photographer :-)
Opportunities for all with the wonderful library of DApps growing up on Steem.


Exactly @nathen007 its all about using the right dapp in right way. Many are not aware of all these benefits....just need user to aware of all...👌

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Musing.io are manually curating like crazy and are doing an excellent job of keeping standards very high (perhaps surprisingly).
Helping this effort are some really big upvotes so there is massive competition from the users to provide long and detailed answers, and the weakest are dropping away.The standard of question is also increasing in quality. I only have good things to say about musing.io :-)

What about Steemhunt, Partiko, Steembay, dmusic. Dlikes and dmania???

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I'm gonna check musing out. It's the first time I'm hearing about it

Ohhhh here it is another one that I have never heard about before. Musing.io need to go and take a look to see what is all about ehehe

Pretty dope projects

I doubt some of these, but then again, I just heard about all of them. Nice to see development is done on Steem blockchain. I'm excited to have joined this, and, people, always be honest and add value, the money, reputation and Steem power will come, if you're coming from a good place and have good intentions.

I am aware of fundition and esteem... Really great projects. Thanks for the information

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Dsound seems to do well. Heard of it?
I have heard good news about musing.io I was told it's like Q&A initiative.

Cool firstime seen all of this application will check out all of this thanks foe sharing man !!

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Majorly interesting post! Didn’t even know there were so many new initiatives on the Steem-Universe...
Will definitely check them out!
Thank you!

Have you looked at Partiko yet? Very quick phone app that also has user engagement rewards.

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Thank you for mentioning us!

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:P So Today You again forget ;) @steemhunt, haha i know now you will add in your next posts, But here i want to tell, I worked for #utopian as a graphics, I mean I worked for task request on #utopain and #github and Got 1 vote and 13 rejections :P Their Rules are strict but their reward is big too! I just love @utopian. Thanks for sharing these dapps. @cryptoctopus.

all are great applications more than anything @ utopian-io who has helped many friends with his favorable vote but I have not yet had the privilege of receiving a vote of @ utopian-io since I do not understand very well its function of how to earn your vote but soon I will investigate very well its funsion in this platform.

I am currently exploring how I can generate income on this platform and at the moment my option is @ steem-ua to whom I delegate the bit of steempower that I owned.

I am simply amaze by seeing all these projects like every day i am coming to know about one or two SMT wish that all the good project does well....

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Another great list of Dapps! would also love to see @partiko and @steemgg mentioned somewhere :)


Thank you for mentioning us!

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Steem Monsters :)

+1 For SteemPeak.com

Shoutout to @asgarth @jarvie @r00sj3 and myself @anarcist69

Great, hardworking team and proud to be a part of it.

Thanks for sharing @cryptoctopus. Articles like this are what we noobs need to read so we can understand Steem better.

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First I’ve heard of musing.io, and looks particularly attractive at this point. Very curious to hop on and test it out... 😎

Does Utopian work again? I've tried getting into that site several times in the past 3 months, but doesn't really have a place to successfully sign into.

Muse.io is great! I started using that to answer people's questions, instead of using Quora.

Fundition has funded a life of charity project on the blockchain including @surfyogi's wafrica feed and help the needy including a mash up with utopian I think
Musing seems a bit developing, a few lose end to tie and we may not even remember Quora any longer..
@good-karma is doing a fantastic job with the esteem series developments for IOS and other stuff I think.

I see huge potentials in this projects too, can't wait to see their achievement in a year time

Thanks #cryptoctopus for the heads up on these Apps. I will have to look over it more closely. That Steempeak does sound intriguing. Thanks again

Btw @cryptoctopus just letting you know because of your Content Excellence you've secured a spot on
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Your Consistency in providing high quality Material is so much appreciated by the Steemit Community that we feel it should be rewarded Consistently :)