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Two more days to go. At the United Nations' Global Festival of Action we will present our solution for the support of social and environmental projects in exploiting funds and talents globally. Amongst 500+ applications we have been chosen to be present on a Global stage together with 25 other fascinating projects. There will be a

life-stream on UN Web TV and Facebook May 2nd 12.30-12.45 UTC.


We'll invite the Global community of engaged people to build a new generation of social network - a truly social network. With the goal, that every one can create more social impact. This network helps to raise funds for projects and connects the right people to collaborate: directly and immediately without any third-parties engaged. Steem blockchain is used for motivation, funding and trust among distant parties.

Thanks to @vadkuhtin and his brother Alex, we'll be able to present the first prototype of our ImpactN-Dapp at this event. They invested a lot of time and effort in setting up a tool for normal Joe and Jane to use without having to do a deep-dive into blockchain and Steem. Thanks also to @wehmoen and @starkerz in helping the team find its way into the Steem developer cosmos.

We are very much looking forward to present this prototype to the audience in Bonn and would appreciate any comment from readers of this post as well. After the Festival there will be a more in depth coverage of the DApp in a post of its own.


Wow! This is great! I really look forward to seeing how the presentation goes and getting a look at the dApp. Great work 🙌🏼

Thx! And it’s all because of the great experience at Steemfest 3, my first visit to the friendly tribe of the Steemians. Here‘s a private view on that. https://steemit.com/steemfest3/@traveller7761/a-researcher-s-trip-to-a-friendly-tribe-the-steemians

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