3 Ethereum DApps Worth Looking Into in 2019

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With the New Year 2019 comes uncountable applications on Decentralized Networks called DApps. Centralized systems are everywhere controlling the internet we use today. In case of decentralized applications, this is not the case. Community keeps the control of the chain or ledger unlike a central entity. This also eliminates the need of third party roles in the system.

Why Ethereum is DApp Rich?

Reason why Ethereum has such a rich DApp culture is due the fact that it is made as a platform to host applications. Simple pieces of codes called smart contract can execute functions as soon as some conditions are met. This makes it very versatile platform to create and host applications which were centralized until now. It is also the 2nd famous cryptocurrency in the world. ref. [https://coinmarketcap.com/]

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Top ETH DApps Worth Looking Into in 2019

I am using data from State of the Dapps and listing them on the basis of their Daily / weekly / monthly active users, Transaction volume, Developer activity, Profile freshness and several other factors. Checkout their website to see how other platforms like EOS, POA and STEEM are performing. To know how the ranking works, read this article featured by @mids106 on How Ranking Works on State of the DApps.

1. Status


It's a powerhouse suit of DApps and Tools to create a next-level web experience for everyone. Their DApp is specifically design to chat, browse and send ETH tokens through the app with just a couple of clicks. Monthly Active user count is touching 1500 and monthly transaction average is around 6k. Available for both Android and iOS as well as on Desktop, this is clearly a winner in the list of ETH DApps. You can also discuss about crypto and other platform related queries on their public channel. UI looks amazing and easy to use giving decent competition to conventional IM apps like Whatsapp and Snapchat.

2. Lescovex DEX


It's a very simple crypto and fiat trading platform. You can easily exchange FIAT to cryptocurrencies from the set that is available on the platform. You can even create and use various cryptoassets using smart contracts. Through Income Smart Contract (ISC) one can easily distribute payments in Ether Tokens. Their development is security focused and minimal features are available to create a seamless trading experience for its users.

3. Storj


Storj provides decentralized file hosting services for very cheap without compromising speed or security. Their price chart is very simple and affordable. Anyone can pay $0.015 per GB per month for storage and for bandwidth price is $0.05 per GB Downloaded. Client side encryption ensures security of the data and enables user access ONLY. This is without a doubt, the future of cloud storage.

Checkout the DApps activity on State of the DApps Ethereum page to explore these applications and their profiles. DApps from other blockchains like EOS, POA, and Steem are also available.

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