Sweet Talk -- You "Dessert" Some New Dapps | New Dapps of the Week, Oct. 15

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Not sure if you know, but today is National Dessert Day🍦 So don’t forget to treat yourself with some sweets and try some new dapps because you dessert it!

Last week, we released our 49-page Q3 Dapp Market Report. Have you checked it out yet? Please let us know what you think! And new dapps added last week are headlined by a secure alternative to Google Calendar, a new trading card game, a retro arcade game, and a Waze-like dapp.

Now let’s dive into the new dapps of the week.

Secure Calendar: Save the date on the blockchain

We know some of us have our whole life organized on an 11/17-inch tear-away calendar, and actually, compared to put everything on your phone, computer, or even on the Internet, it might be the safest way to do so. Now, with Secure Calendar, you can save the date and events on the blockchain — secure, easy, and worry-free.

Powered by Blockstack, Secure Calendar is an end-to-end encrypted calendar that respects your privacy. It has built-in encryption, so all the information on your calendar that belongs to you. You can easily create and organize your daily events with a Blockstack ID. The UI of Secure Calendar is clean and simple and it helps you stay on top of appointments and track tasks with ease.

Let’s see what’s on our agenda today:
Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 5.48.59 PM.png

Bug's Maze: “Borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered 80s.”

The classic arcade game is back and now it’s on the TomoChain! Just like the retro arcade Pac-Man, Bug’s Maze is a game that you (the little ladybug) have to collect all the followers and avoid the other insects. It’s a free-to-play web-based game.

Bugs’ Maze will distribute 80% of the revenue (TOMO) from the pool to the top players. If you are looking for a new quick game to play, it’s the one that you can’t miss.

CryptoLegends: A new strategy TCG with 3D units

Have you been tempted to channel your inner self to a mighty hero? Well, CryptoLegends can help you make that happen in the game. Built on the EOS blockchain, CryptoLedgends is a strategy trading card game with 1,038 types of cards available that you can play it on-the-go.

Unlike other TCGs, CryptoLegends' cards are implemented in full 3D mode, so you will be able to enjoy the immersive battle. Also, those cards are designed to have a huge impact on strategic play and winning or losing games through deck combinations based on various characteristics. And thanks to the blockchain, you can sell and trade the cards through the in-game exchange and make some extra money.

We’ve heard that the game is gearing up for the first e-Sports league, sounds exciting, right? Currently, the game is having their pre-sale and we will be keeping an eye on them!

BULVRD Drive: Just like Waze, but on the blockchain

BULVRD Drive is a community-based navigation dapp that you can earn crypto while driving around the city and contributing to the community.

Just like Waze, you can connect to other drivers and improve each other’s driving experience by making real-time live road reports, such as polices, traffics, accidents, red-light cameras, and more. Also, you will get the extra points of sharing Bitcoin ATM locations, open wifi spots and etc. The more points you have, the more reward (BLVD Token, an ERC-20 token) you will get. Your unique driving route is a unique collectible map style with an ERC-721 token on BULVRD. So you can trade the token on the open market like OpenSea.

Now you can find BULVRD Drive on Apple Testflight, Google Play, and Samsung Galaxy App Store. If you’re an Uber or Lyft driver, it might be a really cool dapp that helps you earn extra dough.

And dear Elon, add BULVRD Drive to Tesla’s app soon?
Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 7.09.58 PM.png

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I went into the cryptolegends.io but I don't see a sign up. I saw pre-register but I don't understand it. Is this available for android phone? Do I need to pay for it to register?

Posted using Partiko Android

Hey there - Thanks for reaching out!

The game is free to pre-register (like sign up now before the game official launch), and you will receive 100 crystals in the game.

As for the mobile version, it will be available on Nov 19.

Let us know if you have any questions!