Facebook won't let us advertise, so we're turning to Steemit!

in dapp •  2 months ago

My team and I are launching our platform for digital artists built on Ethereum, and guess what! Facebook tagged us as cryptocurrency and has banned us from advertising. We're a small team just trying to grow and the "big dogs" at Facebook won't let us run even one advertisement. It's sad that this is allowed and tolerated, especially since we're not making any large claims or crazy promises.

Here's the video we wanted to promote, now tell me why this is so much worse than all the hellish sponsored posts Facebook will show you:

We've opened so many support tickets with Facebook Business that I can't even follow them anymore. Maybe Steemit is just a better place for us to be? Let's see what this community can do and show Facebook who the real influencers are! You can learn more about what we're doing at http://azelo.org/ and we'd love your feedback!

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Today, we were officially denied again.