The Dao Must Rise In No Time

in dao •  7 months ago

144 minutes is not a lot of time to cold contact and convince the infamous hacker who took 50 million ETH dollars from the Dao fund, to give some more away. Seems naive to think that the Dao hacker would risk exposure to go on a random giving tangent. What are we going to have to disclose this time around in order to convince her; an aptly timed act of giving, from the right public address hashes to major impact on a bleak future for whats left of humanity and mother nature. Such a block-chained message of hope could penetrate the future photon-tight firewalls of our illogically infected AI machine overlords. All the machine learning in the galaxy and machines still have not assimilated the concept of value.

countdown reference: 

situation report:

     Version 1:

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