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Dan / Ned

Whales, guild members, and early adopters

Happy beta-testers

Bored & jaded beta-testers / speculators

New age thinkers

Dissatisfied beta-testers & scientists

First-time trenders

Undisturbed, repeat trenders

Trending guild-members

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Hilarious lol


Lol, ok i'm confident in my dankposting now xD

Eureka! STEEM After Shave (Now With Bufo Alvarius!)

This was fun and baaaang on.


Your reference game is too high-level lol @kurtbeil
(I googled Bufo Alvarius and saw toads / frogs!) - lol glad it's funny :)

Haha to the scientists one. Still I'm happy here :)


Everybody's a bit of everything I guess :)

This is so funny but so true.


Am i missing any groups??


You have more than i could have come out with :-)

@kevinwong that's is hilarious


Haha.. glad you find it so xD

100% correct on the scientist one


Lol glad I added that in the last minute xD

ha ha ha ha ha ha


Steem ON :)

So so funny :) Thank you @kevinwong

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This is flippin' hysterical! Love it. :D