Progressive House by Kasia - legit DJ project

in #danceweekendlast year

Zuckersüss, was mich bei DJ Projekten eher skeptisch macht aber die Dame hat es drauf, es sei denn unser Profi @andyjaypowell weiss da mehr, was hinter den Kulissen abgeht :-)?

Sometimes you are sceptic to see all these super model girls that play perfect DJ sets - given I know the industry a bit a lot of the so called starts are simply fake, here we have it seems a real talent - Kasia, model and DJ from Poland, living in the US - California it seems

I love this set - can not stop listening, having to pump up this volume

Kasia Sobczyk learned in her younger years (so not long ago) about the power of music, beats and drums - background and help her dad who used to be a drummer. Not focusing on her mode carrer but it helped for sure to enter into a world of music as well. Her sounds are melodic but vibrant - mainly house (deep, progressive). I have now investigated a bit into this beauty that can DJ - and it looks really really really good, the girls is really playing and she does it good! Not seen her live anywhere yet but maybe soon. Check her pure sounds on soundcloud without visual teasers:

Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 00.40.05.png

Found more tunes by her in the meantime and I am thrilled - this is deep cool music, not the usual fake dance sounds where you add a good looking girl to a turntable not knowing if it is really played live by her - I do believe in Kasia though.

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