Introducing SilvËr MÄr - DJ from Luxembourg (a mystery story....)

in #danceweekendlast year

Kennt jemand dieses DJ Projekt? Ist es wirklich real, ein ER / Sie / ES oder Fake des Staates Luxemburg, um auch der Welt zu zeigen es gibt DJs aus dem schönen Land :-)?

Time for some new Electronic beats

It has been ages ago I introduced a new DJ for #TechnoFriday or #DanceWeekend or #WednesdayHouse - shame on my real life work and my other blockchain jobs here and there. Today I have someone from a very small country, which is hardly a country but officially they are: Luxembourg - a tax hotspot where the people speak German and French mainly. I did drive there in my youth to buy cheap cigarettes - but the country also has some DJs - so here we go with a guy playing Electro House or Progressive House or is it Techno?

I like this one, a remix with vocal house but the start made me expect a trance tune - thoughts? @edje

Travel To Another Sense #001

More about the DJ

pretty hard to discover or to decide what is him or her? Just take a look at the biog on - what is Silver now finally, a man, a woman, a diverse human being or what?

*Silvër Mär,began her love of dance music for 16 years since he began to arouse great interest in music, even 18 years later to feel the taste for art Djiing, taking influences in Progressive House, Electro House and House. Upon hearing the great names of world music, such as Tiësto, Carl Cox, Sebastian-ingrosso/">Sebastian Ingrosso, Avicii, Afrojack, Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo, Alex Gaudino, Sebastian Leger, Axwell, Steve Angello and many more. Later went on to play at parties organized by friends, went through a few bars on the side of national dj’s! Your taste for House, Progressive House and Electro, infects the listener!

What the heck? Who wrote that text above - not sure what drugs been involved but am interested haha :-).

Diving a bit deeper it seems it is a male being playing, promoting, living online as Mário Silvéry - is this the one? I can not confirm, might be a fan only. Taking a look at I am also not really convinced - is this a real person or simply someone that has a good marketing to position him/his/hers on some DJ sites?

@andyjaypowell - any idea? Do you know him/her/its lol?

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