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Hallo liebe Steemians, Hello dear Steemians


"Gute Absicht"

Mit eben dieser möchte ich dich mit traumhaft schönen Klängen von Red Rain ins #danceweekend by @uwelang schicken.

"Good Intention"

With just this I would like to send you with dreamlike beautiful sounds from Red Rain for #danceweekend by @uwelang.

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Some calming music right there @lichtblick :)

A soft tune into the weekend. That was a rough week somehow :-) Thanks for listening @stackin :-)

Great music for the wandered mind, it will help it to focus and relax. Nice discovery.

I go back to my style too - posting now bit of my tunes - resteemed this!

Danke sehr lieber Uwe :-) Da schau ich doch mal bei dir vorbei ;-)

Sehr schöne Musik
Last bei geschlossenen Augen die Gedanken spielen

Oder auch mal gar nix denken und nur sein ;-) Danke sehr.

die spielen e fon gans alein

That was super amazing to listen great choice.

very great music taste i liked it.

this music is just perfect for relaxing weekend.

the best way to start the morning out awesome music.

Nice... typing this comment listen this sound...and shake my head.. :)

Thank you for listening @happyphoenix :-)

Great song suggestions my friend :)

Thanks for sharing!

Super share! This is what I call quality music. The vibe is good, chill but progressive! In two weeks I'll be a whole week at a hippie dance festival and this track already brings me into the mood for that event! Super

I am a great fan of quality music. Glad that you like it :-)

Cool. I do too! Lot of not so good music out in the field though :( Sometimes difficult to find good stuff in between. Not so long ago I discovered a Spanish producer I really really like, Lanouche

Your song suggestions are so good.
Just the type of music I like.
Thanks for this share @lichtblick

I am glad that you like it @arckrai :-)