Summer feelings for #danceweekend

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my weekend started two days ago, as I had a short week. So today we have #danceweekend, the #tag started by @uwelang. Just give him a follow and a vote from me if you get the chance to. I think he started the most #tags on the #music theme.

As for #danceweekend I've chosen a song that both of us like, Cafe Del Mar from Energy 52.

I've started the post with my favorite version, the one from Nalin&Kane.

Of course, we need to mention the original:

It is from 1993. There is another version, the one with a video that made the song so famous:

There are a lot of version if it, as this song is fitted for the summer. This year we will not travel somewhere at the see due to the challenging times. I really missed the see today so I wanted to listen to this amazing song which spreads joy and summer feeling.

Also one of the greatest DJs out there did his touch on this, no one else than Paul Oakenfold:

Happy listening!

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