Dance dairies # 16: A mix of Freestyle and Lyrical Hip-hop on the lovely song "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai".

in dance •  2 years ago 

Click the video above.

Hlw, my dear friends. How are you all doing? I hope everyone is having an awesome time in this wonderful community. So today I wanna share with you my 16th part of my dance dairies.

The dance style which I have performed is a mixture of Freestyle dance with Lyrical hip-hop. The track on which I have performed is a Bollywood old romantic unplugged.

This video was shot by my Nikon d5500 DSLR camera.

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very nice post dear rvwolf

Beautiful photo! I like it!

Its a video brother.

beautiful dance over bro.

Thank you bro.

your welcome bro.

Killed it bro!

Thank you brother.

Loved your dancing!

Thank you so much @emergehealthier.

Supb brother keep dancing ✌

Thanks brother.

Superb bro. You r awesome!

Thanks bro.

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That's great!! I love the bollywood culture. I follow you, I hope that your equal.

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