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Today as usual I went to the beach...deliberately yet not intentionally,
I forgot my phone and I could not go Live.
But indeed - a blessing in disguise:

I got to the beach and walked to my usual spot...
I put the music in my ears and I immersed myself in the music.
I gave meaning to the words: "dance like no one is watching"

My dance list started with the Organic greening of the Earth song and I listened to it while moving in gentle movements.
I put my Ipod backwards when it was finished and I danced it again- this time in full embrace.

So many Spirits come together for this song:
Fairies and Elks and
Sprites and Mermaids and
Animals and Pixies and
Trees and Ferns and Flowers...
we are in a collective prayer encoded into the moment.

Energy moves back and forth
and wide and far
and visions of organic school gardens flash all over the world...
the Trees reach out and branch out more as they stretch their mycellium ancient roots to reach all
far and wide...
the Waters
in front of me shiver and shake
as they rustle the feathers
of molecules that flow from one cell to another
in a continuous flowing moment.

We pray for the Organic greening of the Earth,
my dream,
my destiny,
my reason why I am here,
to usher in this dream of an organic Earth...
It all flows into a flower of Life symbol which is placed over the Earth and imprinted on the moment.
The Earth is now encoded with this vision and dream and it will start to grow into being.

I prayed to Source, God/ Goddess, All encompassing Force and I pray in gratitude as I fill my heart and mind with visions of health and happiness.
The Chant is a long one and my meditative state is deep into the consciousness of Source.
I send love and light into our moment and I protect the timeline that we are found on.
Upon this timeline I shower the feelings of love and light and understanding and calmness and grace.
I see all those that I have helped to transform energies as they say my CV is quite impressive and my references are good in the universal records.
I see Madiba, Credo Mutwa and I see even Zuma and Putin...many discussions were had with dragons and forces of Nature. Water Devas and Native Americans have joined my hands many a times over and over again.

When I finish this prayer I contain the energy and I channel it directly into the next dance.
The next dance is for the protection of all innocent beings.
I see the effects almost instantaneously as people will eat less meat today than yesterday,
less animals will be slaughtered...
less fighting among people will happen today as all will be calm and cool and balanced.
All children will be fine and less bullying will happen.
All spaces of love forms a grid of love that engulfs the whole world and I pray for the protection of these spaces of love as well as the protection of each person who is a space of love in their own regard.
I prayed today for my dream and all my be safeguarded against my own judgement and discretion.
I pray for us all to invoke our dreams of light and love and to call upon their manifestation.
I pray for my self to be complete and healthy to handle what life brings in front of me.
The Sun did not shine and the clouds were covering the sky as the Rain man tells me it is he who governs my
The next prayer and song that appears in front of me to be danced is the Goddess song...
I call upon all the Goddesses that I have personally met and looked into their eyes.
I call upon all the Goddesses in this Universe,
Goddesses of continents,
Anastasia, Pika, Chee, Quan Yin, Mary, Diana, Lulu, Georgie, Tarryne, Nina, Kaya, Rosa, Anna, Maria, Ester, Kali, Ruth, Destiny, Lila, Michelle... I call upon the Goddess in every body to rise and then to be placed rightfully next to the God energy in this Universe.
I bring the God energy in to the Light and I balance it with the Goddess energy so that it will be the two pertaining energies that create in this Universe.
For 2000 years the Goddess energy were suppressed and not allowed to rise, today it rises and takes it rightful place next to the God energy. I again hold this energy when the song finishes as I immediately go into the protection dance again - of protecting the Goddess energy in its position, not to be moved or removed. She is the Queen of this Universe and rightfully in its time to flower and blossom!
All this energy that is created then gets channeled on to the timeline that we are found in...again...with grace and precision and peserverence. Locked into an eternal moment as we are looping through the universe on the path of the greatest good for all -outcome.
I locked the fate of humanity with that of the Earth and Sun and Animals and Trees and pray for these forces to align and ally.
I dance the dust of time into visions of peace and prosperity as I pray to the Creator Shiva for creations of Light to manifest, so that our future can be a clean, green and sustainable one.

My dance that I ended my dancing prayer was the dance and song for the freedom of all humans who carry innocence in their hearts. It's a song where I pray for their freedom of debt and for crypto-currencies to help and assist humans to be free and sovereign.
I pray for humans to be set free from their enslavement so that we can live like we were destined to be- free!

I am Nomvula the Greeninglady and I am here to transform the energies of everyday into
manifestations of love and light. Join me... the revolution has already started and if you go outside at 9 am in your day you will find my essence dancing with the Sun wherever you are.
This is an image of what my body becomes when I spin around in circles on the beach for 40 minutes at at time. (source of image unknown)
And here is a clip of one of my recent dances:

And this is another clip- the living dancing mandala dance:

Thank you for reading and sharing and joining and following me after you have upvoted this post ans sent it to all your friends after you told them to share and upvote this post to all your whale friends!

Organic love to you all!



Always love your inspiration and radiance you share!

Good you're still posting. Keep going.

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