Dance contest week 128

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hello good afternoon dear friends my participation for this week is of the genre bachata a musical rhythm of percussion and strings originating in the Dominican Republic, which has its roots in the Cuban son and African rhythms. ... The dictator himself, who controls every aspect of people's lives, who had commissioned merengue to replace bachata as the country's music.
the song is called I will get drunk jeeeee greetings @donatello from Venezuela blessings ..


Thank you for sharing! Nice video, you are dancing well. I like the song and the red dress too.

Thank you for motivating me with your beautiful words thank you very much.

Such a nice and sexy dance there. And I like the title 'And I Want To Get To Get Drunk,' it's sure is going to be fun as well. I don't know how to dance but I like to dance and copy the girls dancing from the tv as well. For I'm a homebody and it can be a lot of fun too. Must be nice to go clubbing on weekends and have a few drinks somewhere that has a nice atmosphere and a perfect place to hang around.

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If I also love to dance I need to get drunk and have a good time thanks for commenting greetings..