Dance contest week 49 - Sponsor needed

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Dear dance lovers

Dance contest week 49 will run from 11/07/18 to 16/07/18

Feel free to share your dance video.

These will be the prizes for dance contest week 49:

The 1st place wins 2 SBD.

The 2nd place wins 1 SBD.

The 3rd place wins 1 SBD.

There are no participation prizes.

The post, which announced dance contest week 48, made only $0.27 in upvotes.

A big thank you to all participants.

1st place, @alfredmusic wins 3 SBD,

These are the other lovely entries along with their videos in order from the earliest to the latest submission:


How to enter:

You must be at least 16 or older to enter this dance contest.

You have to post your dance video by Monday 16/07/18 but the sooner the better.

Dance videos should be at least 45 seconds long. Promo videos which don't qualify for prizes can be of any length.

Write a post along with your dance video and a description.

The title must contain "Dance contest week 49" and use "donatelloclubdigitalcard" as one of the tags. Don't forget to add your post Url below here as a comment.

There must be at least four entries for the winners to be selected.

Upvote this post!

Please donate some STEEM or SBD to @Donwhale or @Donatello so future prizes will be better.
Donatello Club digital card is a concept, marketing tool, account upgrade, lifetime membership and unit for contest rewards.
Donatello Club digital cards are issued by Donatello Card Limited and can be sold by verified artists in order to raise funds for their future art, music, dance and fitness projects.

Competition rules and prizes may be changed or altered at any time.
Dance video submissions are judged by @Donatello and scored on fun, quality and popularity factors.

Donatello Club digital card is a concept, marketing tool, account upgrade and lifetime membership.
Winners will need to validate their DC digital cards by joining and mentioning this post.

In order to validate your Donatello Club digital cards you need to join and mention that you have won this week's dance contest.
If you are an existing member, login into your account and edit your final balance by adding 10, 20 or 30 Donatello Club digital cards according to your prize. You will need to edit your final balance.
If you are not interested in entering the competition but you still like to help, please resteem this post.

Thank you for sharing your dance videos!


Make sure you share your dance video and not somebody else's to enter the contest but if you like to promote this dance contest and you don't have a video of yourself dancing, you can share somebody else's video.
In the title you will need to write: "Dance contest week... - This is not my video".

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Congratulations to the three winners and to all the participants excellent choreographies and with great joy it is essential to be happy when we dance... A very special greeting to @donatello for this beautiful contest and for participating as well and for the opportunity to share all together. A big hug for everyone.

Felicidadesa los tres ganadores y a todos los participantes excelente coreografías y con mucha alegría es lo fundamental ser feliz cuando bailamos . Un saludo muy especial a @donatello por este hermoso concurso y por participar él también y por la oportunidad de compartir todos juntos . Fuerte abrazo para todos .

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