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As Mueller proves his own Russian Collusion and Defango works out how much was actually made on the "evil" Qdrops App ($68K?), the New? Old? Q tells us it's -30 days to the #PAIN while FBI and DOJ cleared and Songbirds deliver testimony. Meanwhile, China wins in the Iran sanctions and will new Malaysian PM reveal the truth on flight 370?

PLEASE sign the petition to End The Federal Reserve: http://endthefedreserve.com/

Thanks so much for supporting YAFTV with your prayers likes, shares, awesome comments, news links and donations! Let's keep up the support for each other in actualizing true freedom in our lives, our country and for persons everywhere to be free from globalist tyranny! You ARE Free by birthright!

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Sign the petition to end the criminal Fed and take down the Bankster cabal! Freedom Now! @dakini5d


Wow! 13 minutes in and I never heard any wind (cap is probably protecting mic) but I sure hear the BEES!!! BEE FREE. Love it! Seething Frog did a great job on the End The Fed petition. Signed and sharing.

I always get a good history lesson from you.

Thanks so much @quantumprayers! I so appreciate the sharing of the petition! It is vital. Yes, SF was exceptional on the presentation for the petition! Gives me such energy for being the change when I see people ACTing! I appreciate the positive feedback, always great to hear from you.

I signed the petition, too! END THE FED! Let's be the change we want to C: in this world!

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