Q #30DAYS, Plus NXIVM Sex-Slaver, Keith Raniere, Arrested in Puerto Vallarta, Bronfman-Funded, Clinton Foundation Ties

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3/28: KEITH RANIERE, The "vanguard" of NXIVM, which is billed as a Human Potential Training organization, was arrested in Mexico on Monday, in a luxury town house outside of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for multiple counts of sex trafficking. At the scene during his arrest were several young Hollywood actresses, including Allison Mack, a major operator in NXIVM, who gave chase behind the police as Raniere was being hauled off by the FBI. The organization has been called a cult, however, the more accurate description for NXIVM is a procurement and slavery operation, where young women undergo mind control programming, sexual enslavement and are coerced into participation in a slave-master sub-organization call DOS.

The President and co-founder of NXIVM is hypnotist and registered nurse, Nancy Salzman, who has ties with the Clinton Foundation and runs the NXIVM "training camp" out of Albany, New York. Sara and Clare Bronfman, the youngest of the heirs to the Seagrams fortune that made Edgar Bronfman one of the richest Canadians in history, have been largely bank rolling NXIVM for more than 15 years, contributing over $150 million to the operation, $20 million of which was apparently donated for "scientific research."

The indictment of Raniere can be read in the below article, which details the Master-Slave organization called DOS or The Vow which was begun by Raniere in 2015:
The women in NXIVM were coerced into being branded with Raniere's initials as a mark of ownership:

For the history on the Bronfman's Seagrams fortune and booze-smuggling operations:

To read about Rosemont Seneca Partners and the Biden/Kerry pay for play with Chinese technocrats:

The apple sure doesn't fall from the tree with Hunter Biden:

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Thanks for viewing my post Stemians and Freedom Lovers! I will delve deeper into the issues discussed in this segment in the days and weeks to come. You Are FREE! Let's make sure we CRUSH the deep state in the mid-terms!! #TIDALWAVE


Hmm.... Yeah- I was wondering when Scientology was going to show up in all of this. (Josh Reeves has done some great work on that subject.)
Hollywood in the mix too- of course.
My mom and sister watched that movie. My sister knows that type of thing is real.
Ugh - such a mess- all the ties back to Europe and those who we are not allowed to criticize.
Poor Libya. Sending healing thoughts to them.
(I wonder if blockchain came out of DARPA.)
Yeah- the 4th amendment has been trashed- for sure.
Oh Lord--- Not only all of our data but our DNA too. My word.
I think it goes back as least as far as Sumer and the priest classes that spawned from there (probably earlier).
Ugh--- That is awful and disgusting. Only a very low level of consciousness could think that is ok.
I don't have cable either.
Yes, It is good to see the awakening happening.
Thank you for the video! Shared! Sending love!

Thanks for engaging, @sunsquall. Yes, what a wide wicked web fortified over centuries by these parasitic creatures. We will keep doing all we can to disarm them and dump them all in a big vat of C60 for soul cleansing. These necrophilic people are finally being brought down. That at least is a VERY great thing. You have a fantastic day as well.

Another great video! Resteemed.

I’m so happy that cults and blackmail slavery mind control are being exposed in the news, and to see you highlight these issues. This is the tip of a very large iceberg. Thanks for doing your part in bringing it to light! Free the slaves!

Thanks very much for the resteem, @c-change. Yes, it is an incredible thing that these atrocities are being uncovered and the perps finally getting punished. It is still a mountain of evil that needs to be cleaned up, but these arrests and prosecutions are heartening. I hope this Raniere scumbag sings like a canary so they can get some of the bigger fish up the food chain.

Great commentary and analysis. I look forward to each new video. I do think feminism has been hijacked by the left. I've always considered myself a feminist, but several years ago backed away from NOW as their emphasis seemed to be more about transgender rights than women's rights...even transgender rights at the EXPENSE of women's rights. Quite frankly, the feminist movement was taken over by the globalist agenda, of which I want no part. I cannot be true to my conscience and support the feminist platform as it currently stands. I feel like there needs to be a new conservative feminism organization for all of us old school feminists who don't fit into the new feminism of the globalist agenda.
I have written you into my budget starting in April, and encourage everyone reading this to do the same. I want this commentary and analysis to continue and the nation desperately needs this kind of alternative reporting.

Thanks so much @arctickat for your support and generosity. I really appreciate it as I truly want to continue with the channel. I LOVE sharing the truth that I have been immersed in for my entire adult life. The feminist movement has always had many factions. It was originally a psy-op as far as Steinem and NOW. But out of that came an enormous movement of genuine women desiring to stop male violence against women and children and to stop institutionalized discrimination against women and girls and our right to unimpeded self-determination. The essentialist feminists have been attacked by the transsexual community since the late 1970's and the ACLU has been central in executing that attack. The social engineering campaign to demonize real feminists and celebrate pseudo, sensationalized feminists has been going full throttle ever since the 1st wave of feminism began in the mid-1800s when women first began demanding the right to vote and to to not be owned as chattle by their male relatives. All the best to you, my friend, thanks very much for the support.

Thank you. Maybe it's not the feminism that has changed in the past few years but me!

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