#FUTUREPROVESPAST 2/2 Q's Intel Proves True with #MEMO Released, Schiff/PEDOGATE, Monsanto/Bayer Weaponized Food

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2/2: The #FISAMEMO was released today and it confirmed that the DOJ and the FBI colluded with the DNC and Hillary Clinton to create false evidence against President Donald Trump. Deputy AG Rosenstein will likely be fired as a result and the entire Special Counsel, headed by Mueller, has been proven to be based on false allegations:

To read the Nunes Memo:


To read about the postponement of sentencing for patriot, Mike Flynn:


To view the basics on the Standard Hotel:


To read about the Monsanto/Bayer merger and what it means for controlling the world's food supply:


The determination of Robert David Steele and NSA whistle-blower, William Binney, to create a Trump Channel (different than the current one) that allows 200 millions Americans to weigh in on policy decisions in real time is coming to fruition:


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Hope all is well! Sending light and love! Looking forward to seeing you again on your channel!
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Thank you. I have been having some major problems with my laptop and tablet for the past week, but I will be back up and running by Monday! I really appreciate the support!

Thank you for the run down and update! Shared! Have a great weekend! <3


Thanks, Sunsquall!! I appreciate the share! You have a great w'end too!

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Thank you so much for the curation!

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