DEPLOYING 5G: The Elite's Quiet Weapon of Mass Genocide is Now Live #TREASON #HHS

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5G is a weapons system, not a communication system. It is not the next step up from 4G, but instead, is an entirely different milliwave technology that will have devastating effects on humanity. Which is the point. This is the continued assault on humanity by the elite technofascist globalist cabal, who are attempting full-spectrum domination of the human sphere. 5G will allow you to be surveilled, tracked and monitored in real time, in your home, while simultaneously cooking you from the inside out.

For information on President Trump's two executive orders regarding the construction of microwave towers in rural America:

To view Richie Allen's excellent video with Mark Steele, advocate from

Please watch Richie from Boston's short video about the 5G transmitters, amplifiers and cameras recently constructed all around his Massachusetts home:

Please examine the ample material on 5G, Directed Energy Weapons and Agenda 21 compiled by Deborah Tavares:

In this video, Deborah Tavares explains the 5G kill-grid with SGT Report:

To look into Carbon 60 and the incredible health benefits it offers, see Sarah Westall's video today:

If you want to check out the high quality Carbon 60 product I have been taking for the last two months:

Please sign the petition to disband the un-elected Deep State Senior Executive Services:

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And if you put it into context with the "Social Credit System" which is currently rolling out in China and AI, the future looks pretty bleak.
5G is the infrastructure needed to gain absolute control, that's why they push it so hard. People will find out when it's too late.

Yes, @herrleeb, posting a 2nd part of this today discussing the social credit technofascism being rolled out with 5G and the push for the Trojan Horse billed as the Internet Bill of Rights. We have to be the ones to stop them!

Not very confident that we can stop any of this. Chemtrails are here for a while now and nothing happens either. And they are in plain view. Most people look forward to 5G for the faster downloads and don't have a clue about the Internet Bill of Rights.

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Thank you for covering this important topic. It illustrates that we have a long road ahead to unravel all the Gaia-toxic inventions modern society has come up with...

Yet another great video. I love how much content you produce, and the warmth you impart with each. Keep up the fight!

I just published a sequel to my earlier work: Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn (Part 2). It touches on the use of antennae and HAARP for altering consciousness, from another perspective. I would be so honored if you would check it out over at @c-change and give me your feedback.

Will do, @c-change. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I will definitely check out Part 2 later today.

Hi, Ms YouAreFree. I started watching your honest and compassionate videos when I lived in Hong Kong, and now I am Stateside again. I learn so much real truth and real facts from all your videos. I don't watch them all but I look forward to hearing your take on different aspects of the deterioration and improvements in society. Do you survive financially only on blogging, filming, and donations? I also want to break free of the "normal modern" world of trappings and stress over having "things" to bring comfort, entertainment, and distraction. Would you mind telling us your first name? Maybe I missed it, but I don't think you have ever mentioned your name. Anyway, I'm Greg, and I'd love to live and be the way you are doing if I can swing it and be disciplined enough to get it. I am currently transitioning my life in radical ways brought about by being separated from my kids and ex-spouse.
Please can I start a private dialogue with you over email or phone? I wanted to ask certain things that you probably don't want to write here. You can private message me at Twitter: or [email protected]