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January 26- Tonight Q released another post, advising us to read the Executive Order Blocking Property of Persons Involved in Corruption and Human Rights Abuses once again and very slowly. We are advised to pay close attention to who is leaving their positions in the days and weeks to come. "Where there has been darkness, there will now be light!" So the ten dark days are ending soon and big reveals are on the way!

In the meantime, President Trump gave a heartfelt speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, asking world leaders to, in short, make the world great again, by investing in their own citizens future for a world of peace and prosperity for all.

To follow Q's breadcumb suggesting we review the President's executive order that is being used to freeze the assets of deep state criminals and employ the U.S. Treasury in securing information that is leading to their indictments and military tribunals:


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Relevance:Make The World Great Again!


Thanks @openparadigm! I love your relevance tag: Make The World Great Again. Yes!!

So much good is happening. I feel sad that most people here in the US are actually missing a really exciting time. MSM keeps them glued to such nonsense that is so pathetic. It is great to see so many views hitting your posts on Fully Informed Public over at FB. So far the only posts I make over there getting banned and called spam by the FB gestapo are the one's on the vaccine agenda. They do not want word out that a new division was established under Health and Human Services and it is called "Conscience and Religious Freedom Division." If you haven't kept up on this you may want to check out my blog. So happy I just tingle all over. United We Light!


I will definitely check out your blog. Sorry for not doing sooner, recent days have been so busy. The 6pm prayer wave is going Large on You Are Free TV. I agree with you that it is so sad that so many people are missing out on this incredible time! I am also thrilled with the Trump move on vaccine opt out development as well as Melania today banning the flu shot from White House staff!! Awesome!!


If you have any confirmation on Melania banning the flu shot would sure appreciate it. I could only find one report on it from yournewswire.com Good to hear the 6pm prayer wave is going Large. I spoke with a friend K. Tostado from United We Strike a few days ago and she commented she was happy to hear the United We Light being promoted on You are Free TV, so she is a listener too. :)

Great work as always! Sending love. Shared.


Thanks so much, @sunsquall!! Love back at you!!

Thank you so much for shining a light in dark places!

God bless Trump! Upvoted!