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As always, I appreciate your straight-forward reporting and resonate with the call to prayer and compassion. I, too, wonder if lower grade steel was intentionally used in the building of the WTC. I saw a very well done disclosure documementry on You Tube called, "the anatomy of deception" I believe, that shows that military-grade implosion material was used to melt the steel and cause the rubble to smolder for weeks if not months after the FF. So it sounds like even high grade steel wouldn't stand a chance against that stuff, (sorry I don't have time to look up the name of the material.)

Keep up the great work! I want to chop off my long hair once the first high-profile arrests begin, as I've been growing it out to donate to cancer survivors and it's ready.
Could we start a solidarity movement with our hair somehow??? For me to cut my hair now is both a time of grief for the atrosities committed as well as sybolizing hope and freedom and service to others.



Thanks for the great comment, @circleseeker. Followed you! I think you are spot on with the WTC steel issue. Q doesn't post time stamps by accident and the steel issue with the embezzlement and handing over of the ability for the US to build infrastructure to Russia and China was a deliberate deep state attack on the USA. I love that you are donating your hair to cancer survivors. I am not sure about the "hair movement"! Very interesting! But hair certainly is powerful. I always wear mine very short or bald and it is amazing how much people treat me in a different way, with less assumptions made. Glad to meet you on steemit!

It's an honor to find you, first on ScrewTube, now here!! I wish Steemit had the same notification system, though, since I just noticed your response, a week late. I have so much hope for these new decentralized platforms, though, I'm willing to endure certain drawbacks!

You are doing very very important work, don't get discouraged, we are very close to mass awakening, I know it's been said over and over, but it's coming and we who are early adapters must be in place for when the late comers arrive.

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