Dairy Farm #part 2

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Residence: If there is a family house or a cow at the farm level, then the cows need good accommodation. The cow needs adverse habitat or cowshed to protect against adverse weather conditions such as storm, rain, excessive cold and hot and other natural misery, insects, thieves, wild animals. The room is north-southward for large light air circulation in the light of our weather conditions. Under no circumstances should there be any dampness in the house. It is good to have a brick on the floor of the room. Sometimes the need to wash the stomach and mascara by washing the germicide.

There can be two kinds of livestock housing: open house and common house

common house Feature: In this process, the cow's neck can be tied with rope or iron chains. Cows feed, water and milk milking can be done at the same place.

Advantage: It is easy to milk cow's milk because it is tied, animals are safe in adverse weather, it is quite convenient for artificial breeding, animals can be kept in a specified place.

Disadvantage: In this method, the cost of the house is high, animal is not easily traveled, there is a possibility of various diseases due to the absence of animals, and the floor is damp because the night is tied in the same place.

common house design: The animals of this system are always tied in the gooseberry. It is necessary to make the house clean so that it can be cleaned easily

The design of the house is tied in the goose-stone of this system. It is necessary to make the house clean so that it can be cleaned easily. There are two types of conventional goats-

A large number of cattle-goats make this go-go for a small number of cattle to be tied in a long row. To keep each animal separate, partitions are given by the zippee, the length of the pipe length should be 90 sq. M • and height should be 45 sq. M •, the position of a cow is 165 sq. M •, the next place is 105 sq. M •, the food pot 75 She needs to be up to 30 meters • She has to be made according to the number of animals according to the number of animals in the same size, the house will be a one-storey house, the roof of the house is about 300 He has to be taller.

Two-row Cow Farm: These goats are made for more livestock in a small area, animals can be kept in such a goose-style, face-to-face and outward method. Two-row animals face face-to-face in face-to-face mode. The middle of the two biscuits is about 120 yards • wide roads - which are used for providing food, a place for a cow 5 • 5 feet, the next place 3 • 5 feet.

Convenience: At the same time, two types of animals can be easily supplied with food and water, more light is available for milk dohana, animals can feel comfortable in their places, care can be easily carried out.

A cow should be provided as per the following list: raw grass (green grass) 20-30 kg, grain mix of food grains: 18-20% protein rich: For the production of 1 kg 3 kg - 03 kg, for the next every kg -0 • 5 kg , Salt-50-60 g, like clean water-need.

Service: If you do not have proper care of cow, it will not be possible to keep the cow healthy and productive while keeping the advanced cows. As a result, the desired amount of milk, meat, and cow's livelihood from the cow can be non-profitable.

**Milk milking: **Cow's milk should be used daily once in the morning and once in a day. Before milking, the cows and the combator's hands should be washed thoroughly with clean water.

**Reproduction: **To improve the ancestral quality of the cow, suitable breeding methods should be adopted. The more the mother, grandmother, grandmother, who gives milk, the greater the milk production capacity. So when the cow is warm then it is necessary to breed the cow from the artificial breeding center nearest to the quality seed of sixty seeds.

Preservation of farm records: Determination of farm profits depends on the exact calculation of income and expenditure. It is necessary to evaluate the planning and achievement of goal management for marriage. It is essential to preserve the records in order to protect the right information for the production, purchase, sale, birth, death and artificial breeding activities of farm produce.

Increasing income should be done
Maybe some of the adjoining areas are in the fall. There you can earn more money by cultivating cow, poultry farm and fish. You can also arrange employment. There is a description of what to do in one place 84 feet and 60 feet on one side - how to get a lot of capital and when to benefit from it.
Number 8. The amount of space is 16 feet - 50 feet.

Three techniques of increasing milk
One of the main objectives of cow celebration is milk production. And he needs balanced meals, as soon as he gets sick and other daily care, including proper treatment. However, looking at some more simple things, it is possible to increase the milk production as expected. Milk contains more than eighty-plus water. The remaining 12.5 percent is not strong in fat, such as vitamins, minerals etc. Remnant Fat. The cow needs about four liters of water for the production of one liter of milk. But most of the time the cow is not given enough water. For example, cows can not drink water even if thirsty at night. According to the observation, milk production increased by about 20 percent if the cow had sufficient pure water. Therefore, the cow should drink water in water for twenty-four hours so that it can drink as soon as possible. The conventional idea is that milk production will be higher if the cow gives more food to the cow. Proper, nutritious food is essential for the functioning of the cow's physiological function and for the production of milk but not extra food. Rather it is in contrast to the opposite. Stomatal chemical environment for digestion of food is alkaline. The greater the chewing of cows will add more salt to the food, the food will be more digestible. If the cow does not have time to cook, then the food will not be digested. And due to this, there will be less nutrition. And if the nutrition is low, milk production will also decrease. Therefore, for the digestion of food, the cow must be given at least eight hours of chewing gum. Especially in the evening, no other food should be given after the evening. The cow needs to supply the necessary nutrients. Due to having about 1.2 grams of calcium per liter of milk, high calcium is needed for milking cow's milk production. If calcium is not supplied with food, calcium from the bone bone is used. If there is a lack of calcium in the bone, the cow becomes weak and ill. Reduce milk production also.

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